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Bogers, M., Zobel, A-K., Afuah, A., Almirall, E., Brunswicker, S., Dahlander, L., Frederiksen, L., Gawer, A., Gruber, M., Haefliger, S.The open innovation research landscape: established perspectives and emerging themes across different levels of analysisIndustry And Innovation November 2016
Alberts, G., Gurguc, Z., Koutroumpis, P., Martin, R., Muuls, M., Napp, T.Competition and norms: A self-defeating combination?Energy PolicyVolume 96, pp.504-523September 2016
Ter Wal, A.L.J., Alexy, O., Block, J., Sandner, P.G.The Best of Both Worlds: The Benefits of Open-specialized and Closed-diverse Syndication Networks for New Ventures' SuccessAdministrative Science QuarterlyVolume 61, pp.393-432September 2016
Harcourt, G.C., Cosh, A., Hughes, A., Sen, S., Patnaik, P., Harris, D.J., Whittington, G., Meeks, G., Earl, P.E., Rowthorn, R.The legacy of Ajit Singh (11 September 1940-23 June 2015)Economic And Labour Relations ReviewVolume 27, pp.293-313September 2016
Fini, R., Toschi, L.Academic logic and corporate entrepreneurial intentions: A study of the interaction between cognitive and institutional factors in new firmsInternational Small Business JournalVolume 34, pp.637-659August 2016
Berti, G., Mulligan, C.Competitiveness of Small Farms and Innovative Food Supply Chains: The Role of Food Hubs in Creating Sustainable Regional and Local Food SystemsSustainabilityVolume 8, pp.616-616July 2016
Amess, K., Stiebale, J., Wright, M.The impact of private equity on firms' patenting activityEuropean Economic ReviewVolume 86, pp.147-160July 2016
Spanaki, K., Adams, R., Mulligan, C., Lupu, E.Data Supply Chain (DSC): development and validation of a measurement instrument23rd Euroma Conference June 2016
Koutroumpis, P., Leiponen, A.Crowdsourcing mobile coverageTelecommunications PolicyVolume 40, pp.532-544June 2016
Zahra, S.A., Wright, M.Understanding the Social Role of EntrepreneurshipJournal Of Management StudiesVolume 53, pp.610-629June 2016
Devigne, D., Manigart, S., Wright, M.Escalation of commitment in venture capital decision making: Differentiating between domestic and international investorsJournal Of Business VenturingVolume 31, pp.253-271May 2016
Grosman, A., Okhmatovskiy, I., Wright, M.State Control and Corporate Governance in Transition Economies: 25 Years on from 1989Corporate Governance-an International ReviewVolume 24, pp.200-221May 2016
Davies, A., Dodgson, M., Gann, D.Dynamic Capabilities in Complex Projects: The Case of London HeathrowTerminal 5Project Management JournalVolume 47, pp.26-46April 2016
Colombo, M.G., Cumming, D., Mohammadi, A., Rossi-Lamastra, C., Wadhwa, A.Open Business Models and Venture Capital Finance. (Accepted)Industrial And Corporate Change April 2016
Pauwels, C., Clarysse, B., Wright, M., Van Hove, J.Understanding a new generation incubation model: The acceleratorTechnovationVolume 50-51, pp.13-24April 2016
Shaw, I., Ozaki, R.Emergent Practices of an Environmental StandardScience Technology & Human ValuesVolume 41, pp.219-242March 2016
De Massis, A., Frattini, F., Kotlar, J., Petruzzelli, A.M., Wright, M.INNOVATION THROUGH TRADITION: LESSONS FROM INNOVATIVE FAMILY BUSINESSES AND DIRECTIONS FOR FUTURE RESEARCHAcademy Of Management PerspectivesVolume 30, pp.93-116February 2016
Dahlander, L., O'Mahony, S., Gann, D.M.ONE FOOT IN, ONE FOOT OUT: HOW DOES INDIVIDUALS' EXTERNAL SEARCH BREADTH AFFECT INNOVATION OUTCOMES?Strategic Management JournalVolume 37, pp.280-302February 2016
Autio, E., Rannikko, H.Retaining winners: Can policy boost high-growth entrepreneurship?Research PolicyVolume 45, pp.42-55February 2016
Thomas, L.D.W., Vernet, A., Gann, D.M.Adoption readiness in service innovation: the case of digital moneyIndustry And InnovationVolume 23, pp.353-381January 2016
Wadhwa, A., Phelps, C., Kotha, S.Corporate venture capital portfolios and firm innovationJournal Of Business VenturingVolume 31, pp.95-112January 2016