Journal Articles Published in 2016

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Authors Title Journal Volume Publication Date
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Fini, R., Toschi, L. Academic logic and corporate entrepreneurial intentions: A study of the interaction between cognitive and institutional factors in new firms International Small Business Journal Volume 34, pp.637-659 August 2016
Berti, G., Mulligan, C. Competitiveness of Small Farms and Innovative Food Supply Chains: The Role of Food Hubs in Creating Sustainable Regional and Local Food Systems Sustainability Volume 8, pp.616-616 July 2016
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Grosman, A., Okhmatovskiy, I., Wright, M. State Control and Corporate Governance in Transition Economies: 25 Years on from 1989 Corporate Governance-an International Review Volume 24, pp.200-221 May 2016
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Shaw, I., Ozaki, R. Emergent Practices of an Environmental Standard Science Technology & Human Values Volume 41, pp.219-242 March 2016
De Massis, A., Frattini, F., Kotlar, J., Petruzzelli, A.M., Wright, M. INNOVATION THROUGH TRADITION: LESSONS FROM INNOVATIVE FAMILY BUSINESSES AND DIRECTIONS FOR FUTURE RESEARCH Academy Of Management Perspectives Volume 30, pp.93-116 February 2016
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