Journal Articles Published in 2017

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Authors Title Journal Volume Publication Date
Qin, F., Wright, M., Gao, J. Are 'sea turtles' slower? Returnee entrepreneurs, venture resources and speed of entrepreneurial entry Journal Of Business Venturing Volume 32, pp.694-706 November 2017
Pelton, J., Brown, M., Reddaway, W., Gilmour, M., Phoon, S., Wolstenholme, A., Gann, D. Crossrail project: the evolution of an innovation ecosystem Proceedings Of The Institution Of Civil Engineers-civil Engineering Volume 170, pp.181-190 November 2017
Larsson, J.P., Wennberg, K., Wiklund, J., Wright, M. Location choices of graduate entrepreneurs Research Policy Volume 46, pp.1490-1504 October 2017
Davies, A., Dodgson, M., Gann, D.M., Macaulay, S.C. Five Rules for Managing Large, Complex Projects Mit Sloan Management Review Volume 59, pp.73-78 September 2017
Autio, E. Strategic Entrepreneurial Internationalization: A Normative Framework Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Volume 11, pp.211-227 September 2017
Wright, M., Hitt, M.A. Strategic Entrepreneurship and SEJ: Development and Current Progress Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Volume 11, pp.200-210 September 2017
Agarwal, R., Dushnitsky, G., Lumpkin, G.T., Wright, M., Zott, C. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal at 10: Retrospect and Prospect Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Volume 11, pp.197-199 September 2017
Wadhwa, A., Freitas, I.M.B., Sarkar, M.B. The Paradox of Openness and Value Protection Strategies: Effect of Extramural R&D on Innovative Performance Organization Science Volume 28, pp.873-893 September 2017
Wright, M., Siegel, D.S., Mustar, P. An emerging ecosystem for student start-ups Journal Of Technology Transfer Volume 42, pp.909-922 August 2017
Criscuolo, P., Laursen, K., Reichstein, T., Salter, A. Winning combinations: search strategies and innovativeness in the UK Industry And Innovation July 2017
Koutroumpis, P., Leiponen, A., Thomas, L.D.W. How Important Is IT? Communications Of The Acm Volume 60, pp.62-68 July 2017
Ahlfeldt, G., Koutroumpis, P., Valletti, T. SPEED 2.0: EVALUATING ACCESS TO UNIVERSAL DIGITAL HIGHWAYS Journal Of The European Economic Association Volume 15, pp.586-625 July 2017
Fayard, A-L., Stigliani, I., Bechky, B.A. How Nascent Occupations Construct a Mandate: The Case of Service Designers' Ethos Administrative Science Quarterly Volume 62, pp.270-303 July 2017
Ter Wal, A.L.J., Criscuolo, P., Salter, A. Making a marriage of materials: The role of gatekeepers and shepherds in the absorption of external knowledge and innovation performance Research Policy Volume 46, pp.1039-1054 July 2017
Symeonidou, N., Bruneel, J., Autio, E. Commercialization strategy and internationalization outcomes in technology-based new ventures Journal Of Business Venturing Volume 32, pp.302-317 May 2017
Pruthi, S., Wright, M. Social Ties, Social Capital, and Recruiting Managers in Transnational Ventures Journal Of East-west Business Volume 23, pp.105-139 April 2017
Criscuolo, P., Dahlander, L., Grohsjean, T., Salter, A. EVALUATING NOVELTY: THE ROLE OF PANELS IN THE SELECTION OF R&D PROJECTS Academy Of Management Journal Volume 60, pp.433-460 April 2017
Ahlers, O., Hack, A., Madison, K., Wright, M., Kellermanns, F.W. Is it All About Money? - Affective Commitment and the Difference Between Family and Non-family Sellers in Buyouts British Journal Of Management Management Volume 28, pp.159-179 April 2017
Schildt, H., Perkmann, M. Organizational Settlements: Theorizing How Organizations Respond to Institutional Complexity Journal Of Management Inquiry Volume 26, pp.139-145 April 2017
Spring, M., Hughes, A., Mason, K., McCaffrey, P. Creating the competitive edge: A new relationship between operations management and industrial policy Journal Of Operations Management Volume 49-51, pp.6-19 April 2017
Buttice, V., Colombo, M.G., Wright, M. Serial Crowdfunding, Social Capital, and Project Success Entrepreneurship Theory And Practice Volume 41, pp.183-207 March 2017
Meuleman, M., Jaaskelainen, M., Maula, M.V.J., Wright, M. Venturing into the unknown with strangers: Substitutes of relational embeddedness in cross-border partner selection in venture capital syndicates Journal Of Business Venturing Volume 32, pp.131-144 March 2017
Wright, M., Phan, P. AMP Articles in an Uncertain New World The Academy Of Management Perspectives Volume 31, pp.1-3 February 2017
Jung, H., Vissa, B., Pich, M. HOW DO ENTREPRENEURIAL FOUNDING TEAMS ALLOCATE TASK POSITIONS? Academy Of Management Journal Volume 60, pp.264-294 February 2017
Fini, R., Fu, K., Mathisen, M.T., Rasmussen, E., Wright, M. Institutional determinants of university spin-off quantity and quality: a longitudinal, multilevel, cross-country study Small Business Economics Volume 48, pp.361-391 February 2017
Wright, M. Innovation and ownership variety Innovation-management Policy & Practice Volume 19, pp.74-79 January 2017
Bogers, M., Zobel, A-K., Afuah, A., Almirall, E., Brunswicker, S., Dahlander, L., Frederiksen, L., Gawer, A., Gruber, M., Haefliger, S. The open innovation research landscape: established perspectives and emerging themes across different levels of analysis Industry And Innovation Volume 24, pp.8-40 January 2017
Perkmann, M., Phillips, N. Using and developing organization theory to study innovation Innovation-management Policy & Practice Volume 19, pp.1-4 January 2017