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AuthorsTitleJournalVolumePublication Date
Elsbach, K.D., Stigliani, I.Design Thinking and Organizational Culture: A Review and Framework for Future ResearchJournal Of ManagementVolume 44, pp.2274-2306July 2018
Bruneel, J., Clarysse, B., Autio, E.The role of prior domestic experience and prior shared experience in young firm internationalizationInternational Small Business Journal-researching EntrepreneurshipVolume 36, pp.265-284May 2018
Perkmann, M., McKelvey, M., Phillips, N.Protecting scientists from Gordon Gekko: How organizations use hybrid spaces to engage with multiple institutional logics.Organization Science April 2018
Dattee, B., Alexy, O., Autio, E.MANEUVERING IN POOR VISIBILITY: HOW FIRMS PLAY THE ECOSYSTEM GAME WHEN UNCERTAINTY IS HIGHAcademy Of Management JournalVolume 61, pp.466-498April 2018
Autio, E., Nambisan, S., Thomas, L.D.W., Wright, M.Digital affordances, spatial affordances, and the genesis of entrepreneurial ecosystemsStrategic Entrepreneurship JournalVolume 12, pp.72-95March 2018
Fini, R., Jourdan, J., Perkmann, M.Social valuation across multiple audiences: the interplay between ability and identity judgmentsAcademy Of Management Journal February 2018
Fini, R., Rasmussen, E., Siegel, D., Wiklund, J.RETHINKING THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF PUBLIC SCIENCE: FROM ENTREPRENEURIAL OUTCOMES TO SOCIETAL IMPACTSAcademy Of Management PerspectivesVolume 32, pp.4-20February 2018
Holstein, J., Starkey, K., Wright, M.Strategy and narrative in higher educationStrategic OrganizationVolume 16, pp.61-91February 2018
Wright, M., Tartari, V., Huang, K.G., Di Lorenzo, F., Bercovitz, J.Knowledge Worker Mobility in Context: Pushing the Boundaries of Theory and MethodsJournal Of Management StudiesVolume 55, pp.1-26January 2018
Kotlar, J., De Massis, A., Wright, M., Frattini, F.Organizational Goals: Antecedents, Formation Processes and Implications for Firm Behavior and PerformanceInternational Journal Of Management ReviewsVolume 20, pp.S3-S18January 2018
De Massis, A., Kotlar, J., Wright, M., Kellermanns, F.W.Sector-Based Entrepreneurial Capabilities and the Promise of Sector Studies in EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship Theory And PracticeVolume 42, pp.3-23January 2018
Criscuolo, P., Laursen, K., Reichstein, T., Salter, A.Winning combinations: search strategies and innovativeness in the UKIndustry And InnovationVolume 25, pp.115-143January 2018