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AuthorsTitleJournalVolumePublication Date
Lamine, W., Mian, S., Fayolle, A., Wright, M., Klofsten, M., Etzkowitz, H.Technology business incubation mechanisms and sustainable regional developmentJournal Of Technology TransferVolume 43, pp.1121-1141October 2018
Mayer, C., Siegel, D.S., Wright, D.M.Entrepreneurship: an assessmentOxford Review Of Economic PolicyVolume 34, pp.517-539September 2018
Maier, S., Polak, J., Gann, D.Valuing portfolios of interdependent real options using influence diagrams and simulation-and-regression: A multi-stage stochastic integer programming approachComputers And Operations Research September 2018
Elsbach, K.D., Stigliani, I.Design Thinking and Organizational Culture: A Review and Framework for Future ResearchJournal Of ManagementVolume 44, pp.2274-2306July 2018
Pruthi, S., Basu, A., Wright, M.Ethnic ties, motivations, and home country entry strategy of transnational entrepreneursJournal Of International EntrepreneurshipVolume 16, pp.210-243June 2018
Wilson, N., Wright, M., Kacer, M.The equity gap and knowledge-based firmsJournal Of Corporate FinanceVolume 50, pp.626-649June 2018
Stigliani, I., Ravasi, D.The Shaping of Form: Exploring Designers' Use of Aesthetic KnowledgeOrganization StudiesVolume 39, pp.747-784June 2018
Bruneel, J., Clarysse, B., Autio, E.The role of prior domestic experience and prior shared experience in young firm internationalizationInternational Small Business Journal-researching EntrepreneurshipVolume 36, pp.265-284May 2018
Perkmann, M., McKelvey, M., Phillips, N.Protecting scientists from Gordon Gekko: How organizations use hybrid spaces to engage with multiple institutional logics.Organization Science April 2018
Dattee, B., Alexy, O., Autio, E.MANEUVERING IN POOR VISIBILITY: HOW FIRMS PLAY THE ECOSYSTEM GAME WHEN UNCERTAINTY IS HIGHAcademy Of Management JournalVolume 61, pp.466-498April 2018
Cornwell, T.B., Howard-Grenville, J., Hampel, C.The Company You Keep: How an Organization’s Horizontal Partnerships affect Employee Organizational IdentificationAcademy Of Management Review March 2018
Gonzalez, L.R., Brambila, C.N.G., Veloso, F.Birth of prominent scientistsPlos One March 2018
Autio, E., Nambisan, S., Thomas, L.D.W., Wright, M.Digital affordances, spatial affordances, and the genesis of entrepreneurial ecosystemsStrategic Entrepreneurship JournalVolume 12, pp.72-95March 2018
Fini, R., Jourdan, J., Perkmann, M.Social valuation across multiple audiences: The interplay between ability and identity judgmentsAcademy Of Management Journal February 2018
Holstein, J., Starkey, K., Wright, M.Strategy and narrative in higher educationStrategic OrganizationVolume 16, pp.61-91February 2018
Wright, M., Tartari, V., Huang, K.G., Di Lorenzo, F., Bercovitz, J.Knowledge Worker Mobility in Context: Pushing the Boundaries of Theory and MethodsJournal Of Management StudiesVolume 55, pp.1-26January 2018
Kotlar, J., De Massis, A., Wright, M., Frattini, F.Organizational Goals: Antecedents, Formation Processes and Implications for Firm Behavior and PerformanceInternational Journal Of Management ReviewsVolume 20, pp.S3-S18January 2018
De Massis, A., Kotlar, J., Wright, M., Kellermanns, F.W.Sector-Based Entrepreneurial Capabilities and the Promise of Sector Studies in EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship Theory And PracticeVolume 42, pp.3-23January 2018
Guo, L., Zhang, M.Y., Dodgson, M., Gann, D., Cai, H.Seizing windows of opportunity by using technology-building and market-seeking strategies in tandem: Huawei’s sustained catch-up in the global marketAsia Pacific Journal Of Management January 2018
Ter Wal, A.L.J., Criscuolo, P., McEvily, B., Salter, A.The relative value of the division versus duplication of network ties for innovation performance78th Annual Meeting Of The Academy Of Management, Aom 2018 January 2018
Criscuolo, P., Laursen, K., Reichstein, T., Salter, A.Winning combinations: search strategies and innovativeness in the UKIndustry And InnovationVolume 25, pp.115-143January 2018