Journals 2019

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AuthorsTitleJournalVolumePublication Date
Lawson, C., Salter, A., Hughes, A., Kitson, M.Citizens of somewhere: Examining the geography of foreign and native-born academics' engagement with external actorsResearch PolicyVolume 48, pp.759-774April 2019
Garcia, P.R.J.M., Sharma, P., De Massis, A., Wright, M., Scholes, L.Perceived Parental Behaviors and Next-Generation Engagement in Family Firms: A Social Cognitive PerspectiveEntrepreneurship Theory And PracticeVolume 43, pp.224-243March 2019
Criscuolo, P., Alexy, O., Sharapov, D., Salter, A.Lifting the veil: Using a quasi-replication approach to assess sample selection bias in patent-based studiesStrategic Management JournalVolume 40, pp.230-252February 2019
Capponi, G., Criscuolo, P., Martinelli, A., Nuvolari, A.Profiting from Innovation: Evidence from a Survey of Queen's Awards WinnersStructural Change And Economic Dynamics February 2019
Toms, S., Wilson, N., Wright, D.Innovation, intermediation and the nature of entrepreneurship: A historical perspectiveStrategic Entrepreneurship Journal January 2019
Lin, D., Zheng, W., Lu, J., Liu, X., Wright, M.Forgotten or not? Home country embeddedness and returnee entrepreneurshipJournal Of World BusinessVolume 54, pp.1-13January 2019
Hampel, C., Tracey, P.Introducing a Spectrum of Moral Evaluation: Integrating Organizational Stigmatization and Moral LegitimacyJournal Of Management InquiryVolume 28, pp.11-15January 2019
Jelic, R., Zhou, D., Wright, M.Sustaining the Buyout Governance Model: Inside Secondary Management Buyout BoardsBritish Journal Of ManagementVolume 30, pp.30-52January 2019