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Innovation is vital to organisations facing fierce global competition, rapidly developing technologies and diminishing world resources. Led by Professor David Gann, the Innovation Studies Centre was established in 2003, funded for ten years by the EPSRC as an Innovation Manufacturing Research Centre (IMRC). The first tranche of funding from 2003-2008 focused on innovation in the built environment and the project was known as the Built Environment Innovation Centre (BEIC). As projects came to maturity, the scope of the Centre evolved, and, recognising its expanded remit, was renamed the Innovation Studies Centre (ISC) in 2008.

With technological innovation at its heart, the ISC examined practices across science and engineering industries. Through our six research themes, our multi-disciplinary team focused on how innovation happens, the management of technological and organisational change, and the social and economic consequences of innovation. Working closely with government and industry to provide advice on the development of policy and strategy, the ISC acted as an intellectual fly-wheel to develop new research projects, programmes and centres.

Download our final report outlining the detailed impacts of the report from 2003-2013. This report was submitted to the EPSRC at the end of the grant

Our Mission Was:

“To be an international centre of excellence in innovation studies and entrepreneurship. To influence policy and practice by working at the interface of science, engineering and business management through research, teaching and practice”

This will be achieved through:

  1. Intellectual leadership through a portfolio of research papers in leading journals
  2. Developing tools, case studies and frameworks by working with world-class firms in order to enhance the competitiveness of British industry
  3. Enhancing intellectual capital by educating graduates, post-graduates, managers, scientists, senior executives and policy makers using the research findings developed in the centre.

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Please note the Centre completed its funded research in September 2013. Work will continue on the ouputs including conference presentations and academic papers, as well as though the I&E Group’s numerous research centres and projects.

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