Disseminating ISC Research

On these pages you can learn more about the impacts of ISC Research and the various means used to promote our activities to practitioner, academic and public audiences.

The final report from this grant was submitted to the EPSRC in late 2013 and outlines, in detail, the impacts, achievements and  research dissemination methods. We also prepared a short summary report (hardcopies of which are available on request), outlining the major achievements – The Innovation Studies Centre Impact Report 2003-2013.

Many of our research projects were conducted with research partners (including IBM, Arup, Crossrail and the Design Council) meaning results were disseminated directly within these organisations and agencies. In addition we developed a number of impact videos outlining the effect our research has had on policy and practice:

Below you can also find out more about our other dissemination methods, including academic publications, the Ingage newsletters and more videos discussing the research projects undertaken by the ISC.

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