Business Model Innovation

What we did0070-13 by Jan Chlebik (BMI Theme)

This theme’s research explores various questions on business model innovation, particularly what enables organisations to devise new business models as well as the sources, and consequences, of business model innovation. Thinking about different configurations of organisational, product and services management, it examined how universities generate value for different stakeholders, how pharmaceutical companies manage open innovation models and how low carbon industries deploy energy technologies.

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Core Impact: The Academic Engagement Survey

We want to find out whether academics who engage with industry have more successful careers because then we learn more about the impact of universities in society, and why they are an important part of our economy’

– Markus Perkmann, Associate Professor

The survey, launched in the autumn of 2013, gathered the views of Imperial staff on essential aspects of academic life, including all those activities through which academics work with industry, policy and practice, such as collaborative research, contract research, and entrepreneurial and advisory activities.

Results from the survey will help us to better understand some important issues affecting the academic profession today, as well as helping to inform policy at both the College and national level.

The survey itself will be a model for application across the sector and an opportunity to understand more about the relationship between university science and industry practice. To find out more about the survey, please visit our webpage, or watch our summary video.

[This theme was formerly entitled Design and Service Innovation]

Research Team 2003-2013

Theme Leader Dr Markus Perkmann
Maha Ahmed Shaikh Elif Bascavusoglu-Moreau Riccardo Fini Julien Jourdan
Gajendran Kandasamy Jan-Michael Ross Bruce Tether


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