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We conducted research on innovation and technology commercialisation strategies in platform and ecosystem contexts as well on determinants of new venture growth in technology-intensive business sectors. Our research on technology commercialisation strategies, from an industry incumbent perspective were in close collaboration with industry leaders such as IBM and Microsoft. Research projects included: corporate venturing strategies, platform commercialisation strategies, ecosystem creation strategies, and business models associated with the above.

We recently launched the Global Entrepreneurship Development Index (GEDI), a ranking tool to understand the complex interactions of entrepreneurship and economic development. The tool, developed by Professor Erkko Autio and Professor Zoltan Acs, can be used to determine policy development. To find out more please visit our GEDI research feature pages.

For a full list of research projects in this theme, please visit the projects overview page.

Core Impact: Global Entrepreneurship & Development Index (GEDI)

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index really does give us insights into characteristics of entrepreneurship in the UK and it really does help us in BIS benchmark our performance

– David Willetts

Minister for Universities and Science

Based on ISC research into entrepreneurial capacity and profiling the team, co-developed a new tool that measures entrepreneurship combining data on the outputs of, and context around, entrepreneurial ventures. Working with the George Mason University and the Universities of Aston, Strathclyde and Pecs, this research has revealed the positive relationship between a country’s entrepreneurial capacity and economic development

The Global Entrepreneurship & Development Index (GEDI) uses data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), World Bank, World Economic Forum and the Heritage Foundation. With little previous theory linking entrepreneurship to macro-economic outcomes, GEDI has 14 ‘pillars’ that combine various elements around new ventures including regulatory quality, the financial sector and technology infrastructure to measure and rank the entrepreneurial profile of nations.

First launched in 2011, GEDI is annually recalculated and now covers over a hundred nations. Using the Index, policy-makers and scholars can identify the impediments – or ‘bottlenecks’- to entrepreneurial success and develop targeted solutions.  As well as developing a regional index for the EU, other versions of GEDI will shed light on the role of gender and age in entrepreneurial development. GEDI is a major new international indicator and valuable marker of economic activity, with the capacity to analyse and report on global patterns of entrepreneurship.

Find out more on our dedicated project pages and watch our summary video.

[This Theme was formerly entitled Entrepreneurship, Transfer and Adoption]

Research Team 2003-2013

Theme Leader Professor Erkko Autio
Richard Adams Dana Abi Ghanem James Barlow Annelies Bobelyn
Steffan Bayer Richard Carmichael Richard Curry Brice Dattee
Alex Frenzel-Baudisch Maria Kapsali Kun Fu Ritsuko Ozaki
Dmitry Sharapov Isabel Shaw Els Van der Velde
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