Business Model Innovation

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Theme: Business Model Innovation

Dates: 2009-2011

Researchers: Professor Gerry George, Massimo Warglien

This project examined business model innovation across countries and domains. It revisited opportunities there are and how these are changing to understand how entrepreneurs and organisations shape opportunities, and how the processes are shaped by the novelty and challenge of realizing those opportunities. In particular, we looked at how organizations are designed. In this sense, we see entrepreneurs and organisations as architects or even, bridge-builders, connecting resources to opportunities and constructing the narratives that enable people and groups to cross spans to unfamiliar territories.

By investigating novel ways of operating, this project enabled firms to discover new markets and create revenue streams. Specifically, helping manufacturing firms to also provide higher-value services in addition to their products. In turn, this does not only increase their earnings, but also their competitiveness and strategic flexibility.

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