Low Carbon Entrepreneurship

Wind Tunnel by Dave Guttridge (380 x 200)

We used qualitative research to understand low carbon strategies

Theme: Business Model Innovation

Dates: 2011-2012

Research Team: Professor Gerry George, Markus Perkmann, Gajendran Kandasamy

This project explored how low-carbon entrepreneurs create viable businesses in a context where for-profit motives often overlap with government-mandated action and ‘green’ ethical consideration. In this context, expectations and goals of different stakeholders involved in low-carbon businesses may not be aligned. Our research explored the strategies low-carbon entrepreneurs use for addressing such misalignment amongst their stakeholders, including providers of capital, other resource providers, and customers.

We used qualitative research methods to investigate the strategies of low-carbon entrepreneurs and the organisations they build. A multiple-case study design was deployed, allowing for variation across important dimensions.

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