Platform for Innovation: Creating Replicable Product and Service Components for High-value Integrated Solutions

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We’re developing new approaches to integrated solutions

Theme: Systems, Services and Design

Research Team: Andy Davies, Annabelle Gawer, Anna Canato, Stefano Miraglia

This project aims to improve our understanding of how international firms in different industries (IT, telecoms and construction) are creating and capturing high value added through the provision of integrated solutions. To achieve this aim, we examined how firms:

  • Develop new strategic approaches (e.g. modularity and platform leadership) to create and capture added value from integrated solutions provision
  • Design and develop replicable product and service components that can be efficiently and flexibly combined and recombined into platforms or systems
  • Creat different types of organisations focused on solutions provision, while coordinating an expanding network of external component suppliers.

Project Update

The project has improved our understanding of how two project-based firms in ICT are developing new approaches to improve productivity and promote innovation in integrated solutions. The key contribution shows how firms are developing new approaches based on systems or platforms for developing services in combination with products.

Academic Dissemination: The research phase of this project is now complete and results are being developed as outputs, expected in the coming months.

Practitioner Dissemination: Findings from this project were presented at the UK~IRC – AIM Managing Successful Business Model Innovation in Manufacturing event in November at Manchester Business School and Imperial College London, during ESRC Social Sciences Week.

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