Playful Engineering

Playful EngineeringImperial College London is at the cutting edge of research on visualization in science, engineering and medicine. With colleagues across Imperial we extended knowledge on the key developments in this area and their significance.

Our research built on previous work by the investigators. Catelijne Coopmans has studied the social dynamics of innovation in medical imaging and Jennifer Whyte has examined the uses of virtual reality in the construction sector.

This project built on ideas about ‘play’ in the innovation literature and related to work by our colleagues at the Innovation Studies Centre, in particular the schema of ‘Think, Play, Do’.

In this research we examined how new simulation and prototyping tools enable individuals and organizations to experiment, play and think creatively about the design of products and solutions. We use sociological models of technological change and innovation and employ a qualitative methodology especially developed to understand and evaluate the practical reality of making new technologies work.

This project resulted in Think, Play Do: Technology, Innovation & Organisation

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