Project-Based Industries


Some of the ISC’s earliest research programmes focused on project-based industries with small studies to identify innovative possibilities in this sector. Below are a selection of these:

The Intensification of Innovation (2004)

Mark Dodgson , David Gann and Ammon Salter examined the processes of innovation arguing that they have changed profoundly due to the use of a range of new technologies in research, development and design. These include visualisation, simulation, virtual prototyping and remote project communication and management systems. Results from this project were published in their book The Management of Technological Innovation.

Performance and Innovation in Project Enterprises (PIPE) (2004)

Steffan Bayer and Ammon Salter examined how strategic decisions on hiring, knowledge management, project selection and resource allocation impact organisational performance in project enterprises; to develop a simulation-based learning and teaching tool.

This project developed a simulation tool for managing innovation in project-based firms and investigated the distinct characteristics of PBFs for successful innovation management and what a simulation tool can add to the understanding of innovation management in PBFs.

Off-site Manufacture in Housebuilding (2004)

The team completed a project for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Housing Forum on the use of off-site manufacture in housebuilding. The report was published on 3 February 2004 and is available from the Housing Forum.

Inovative Housebuilding Schemes (2001-2004)

James Barlow and Ritsuko Ozaki examined key performance indicators (KPIs) in inovative housebuilding schemes with the School of Architecture and Construction, University of Greenwich. Previous research has indicated that there are gaps between what customers expect and what housebuilders offer in three main areas – the quality of workmanship, service provision, and house design. In order to improve the performance of the industry, a set of KPIs have been identified. This research project explored the satisfaction level of social housing tenants living in schemes that have been built with a non-traditional building method (pre-fabrication) and procurement process (partnering).

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