Sensemaking and Service Systems

Two Students talking on platform by BS

This project developed educative materials for practitioners and acdemics to understand collective sense-making

Theme: Systems, Services and Design

Research Team: Andy Davies

This project adopted a sense-making perspective to understand oscillations between individual and collective levels of sense-making in the co-design of newly built or substantially changed ‘service systems’. This included developing an understanding of the dynamics of the service systems design process as a social process that enables and constrains collective sense-making including considerations for the well-being needs of the service users (i.e. their social, aspirational and emotional needs.

Within this, we were concerned with the effectiveness of a variety of tools (such as the Building Futures Game, Service Blueprinting and the Design Quality Indicators toolkit and its Healthcare equivalent) and tactics available for collaborative design. The research asks: are some tools or tactics more efficacious than others in forging a shared sense of service provision that includes consideration for the experiential needs of users in particular situations? The aim here was to produce practically useful knowledge as well as developing a theoretically based understanding of collective sense-making in the context of service systems.

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