Service Design The Emergence of Practices and Their Legitimation: A Study of Design Consultancies

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Theme: Systems, Services and Design

Dates: 2009-2011

Research Team: Professor Bruce Tether, Ileana Stigliani

This project  looked at the growing acceptance of service design as a recognised field of design practice. It discover whether and how service design has become an institutionalised field of practice, and examined the methods service designers have and are using to legitimise the field. We also investigated whether service designers have adopted existing design processes, methods and techniques, or developed new ones bespoke to services.
We used qualitative research methods to investigate the development of institutionalisation of practice as a day-to-day activity. We also examined the ways internal practice has been used to gain acceptance from stakeholders, and from the design community. We sampled between three and five consultancies and have established contacts with Live|Work, Engine, and IDEO.

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