Tracking Academic Engagement at Imperial

by Jan Chlebik

We’re examining the nature of industrial engagement by Imperial academics

Theme: Business Model Innovation

Dates: 2011-2013 (continuing beyond ISC please visit the University-Industry Relations section of the Innovation & Entrepreneuship website for recent content.)

Research Team: Markus Perkmann, Professor Ammon Salter, Riccardo Fini, Erkko Autio

This project continues beyond the life of ISC and explores industry engagement and commercialisation by Imperial academics. We will pool data on achievements and activities over a period of 10 years, including information on grants and contracts, publications, disclosures, patents, licences, spin-off companies and consulting.

The following questions will be explored:

  • What is the nature and extent of engagement of College staff, and how has this changed over the last 10 years?
  • How are individual industry engagement and research outputs related?
  • What is the lifecycle of engagement, i.e. how do various forms of external engagement lead to other forms of engagement?
  • What obstacles do College staff face, and what are the success factors for engagement?
  • What are the successful templates for collaboration?

The proposed analysis will be beneficial in several respects. First, the results will allow us to contribute to the literature on university commercialisation, using a highy detailed datasets on individual engagement . In addition, the results, will generate insights for both the management of technology commercialisation and government policy towards university impact.

Project Update

With the support of the College Management Board and Imperial Innovations, the data structure is now complete and the TRIC database has been populated with information. This data is being analysed and several research papers are in preparation, for presentation at conferences this year.

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