Performance of University Industry Research Centres

by Neville Miles

We developed best practice models for collaboration with industry

Theme: Business Model Innovation

Dates: 2011-2013

Researcher: Markus Perkmann

The objective of this project was to identify practices and organisational mechanisms that underpin successful university-industry centres, including:

  • The role university-industry centres play within firms’ overall R&D strategies
  • How successful centres are organized and managed
  • How firms decide upon work programmes, intellectual property and exploitation
  • The use of performance metrics and how these align with overall performance

This project focused on a Centre’s organisational features, including aspects such as decision-making, leadership and processes, and considers a range of centres at Imperial College London and Chalmers University in different

Project Update

Practitioner Dissemination: A report is being prepared outlining good practice in such collaborations and a book chapter has been published entitled ‘Open Science & Open Innovation: Sourcing Technology from Universities’ in the Handbook of Technology TransferWe validated and disseminated the research results by holding a dedicated workshop with practitioners from across the UK at Imperial entitled Managing University-Industry Centres.

Academic Dissemination: Data collection is complete, and papers drawing on the results were presented at the EGOS DRUID and AoM conferences. Two journals articles have been published: ‘How to Create Productive Partnerships with Universities’ in MIT Sloan Management Review and ‘Academic Engagement and Commercialisation: A Review of the Literature on University-Industry Relations’ in Research Policy.

Notable Achievements

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