Customer Energy Usage

Development, Deployment and Verification of Highly Personalised Customer Energy Usage Advice Solution

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Principal Investigator: Dr Ralf Martin

Researchers: Dr Mirabelle Muuls (Grantham), Professor Goran Strbac (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Funder: Technology Strategy Board

Duration: April 2015 – March 2017

The project addresses consumer behaviour in energy consumption. Energy use is a reflection of life style, level of business activity as well as international competitiveness and societal welfare. The results of this project should change the way energy is consumed by suggesting ways to better utilise and facilitate contributions from households, public buildings and small business level users, potentially resulting in load balancing the electricity grid.

This project will generate a wealth of evidence and data relevant to electricity market businesses, policy-makers, consumers and the general public.  A central objective of this research is to understand user behaviour so future smart demand tools are adopted by a large number of diverse end users.

Key Research Questions:

  • What is the causal impact of customer feedback from high frequency electricity consumption measurements? Using the data from smart meters and Customer Access Devices (CADs) which will detect up to 12 appliances from a single stream of energy data. This will allow us to measure changes in energy consumption and analyse improvements in the relationship between customer and energy company.
  • How do we measure the wider potential impact of customer feedback? We will use results to run a UK level energy model that will allow for an extrapolation of the RCT result and lead to advice for policy-makers.

Research Partners

  • Onzo Ltd