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Report Shows 60 Year Low in Carbon Emissions

Based on our research into energy storage and low carbon futures, Dr Iain Staffell and Professor Richard Green have coauthored a report for Electric Insights on electricity supply in 2016. The report, written with Professor Tim Green, Director of Energy Futures Lab and Dr Rob Gross, Director of the Imperial Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, suggests that electricity supply from ‘low-carbon sources’ peaked at 81%, while wind farms provided 37%  of British power, reaching 15 million customers, including ‘everyone (and everything) north of Nottingham’.

This research builds on considerable expertise in the Department of Management with EPSRC-funded projects examining Energy Storage for Low Carbon GridsEnergy Storage in Low Carbon Futures and Multi-scale Energy Systems Modelling, as well as participation in the UK Energy Research Centre.  This latest report on electricity supply joins a similar piece on wind power also published by Electric Insights and future reports will be published every three months.

Read the full report on the Electric Insights website and the College news story.

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