2017 Awards

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Jonathan Haskel, our Chair in Economics, has been named as one of the winners of the Indigo Prize. This is a prestigious new prize that celebrates radical and creative thinking in how to measure the modern economy. Students, engineers, entrepreneurs and academics from around the world entered (including submissions from the UN Development Programme and Harvard) but its first and second prizes were awarded in an equal split between Diane Coyle, Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester, and Jonathan and his research team. This prestigious prize acknowledges Jonathan’s standing as one of the thought-leaders on economics research in the UK and the world. We are immensely proud of his contribution to our economics research and teaching mission at Imperial College Business School, and are very honoured to have Jonathan among our faculty.

Esther Boler

  • Won the following award, roughly translated as: “His Majesty the King’s Gold Medal is awarded annually to an outstanding young researcher for a research contribution evaluated by the University of Oslo. The work must be recognized as an effective contribution to the field of research.”
  • Won the Imperial 2017 Teaching Excellence Award for Undergraduate Teaching.

Elena Dalpiaz was awarded the ABC Award for Outstanding Reviewer at the Academy of Management (OMT Division), August 2017.

Eisingerich, Andreas

  • With coauthors Ana Wheelock, Gabriela B. Gomez, Geoffrey P. Garnett, Mark R. Dybul, & Peter K. Piot) (2012), “Attitudes and Acceptance of Oral and Parenteral HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis among Potential User Groups: A Multinational Study,” PLoS One – Top 10% most cited article of all PLoS One articles.
  • With coauthors Sigyoung Auh, & Omar Merlo (2014), “Acta non Verba? The Role of Customer Participation and Word-of-Mouth in the Relationship between Service Firms’ Customer Satisfaction and Sales Performance,” Journal of Service Research – Top 10% most cited article in Journal of Service Research in 2017.
  • With coauthors Park, C. Whan, Jason Whan Park’s) article “Attachment-Aversion (AA) Model of Customer-Brand Relationships” received Journal of Consumer Psychology “Highly Cited Research” award for being one of the 5 most highly cited papers during 2014-2016.
  • With coauthors Hae Eun Chun, Yeyi, Liu, Michael Jia, and Simon J. Bell’s “Why Recommend a Brand Face-to-Face But Not on Facebook? How Word-of-Mouth on Online Social Site Differs from Traditional Word-of-Mouth” was 2nd most cited article in Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2015-16.

Omar Merlo has been nominated for the 2017 Imperial College Union Student Academic Choice Award (SACA) for Best Teaching for Taught Postgraduates at Imperial College.

Carol Propper: Winner (with Martin Gaynor and Stephan Seiler) of 25th Arrow award for the best paper published worldwide in field of Health Economics (awarded annually by the International Health Economics Association). The paper is Gaynor M, Propper C, Seiler S, 2016, Free to Choose? Reform, Choice, and Consideration Sets in the English National Health Service, American Economic Review, Vol: 106, Pages: 3521-3557,

Tommaso Valletti’s paper “Net Neutrality and Innovation at the Core and at the Edge”, joint with Carlo Reggiani, published in the International Journal of Industrial Organization, won the 2017 IJIO Best Paper Award 2017 for the best theory paper published in the IJIO in 2016