2012-14 Awards

Members of the department have won a number of awards for their research and publications. Below you can see a few examples of the honours awarded in 2012-2014.


Recipient/s Award Date
Eisingerich, Andreas B., Seigyoung Auh, and Omar Merlo’s “Acta non Verba? The Role of Customer Participation and Word of Mouth in the Relationship Between Service Firms’ Customer Satisfaction and Sales Performance” was listed for Nomination of the Journal of Service Research 2014 Published Article of the Year Award 2014
Jan-Michael Ross, and Dmitry Sharapov Award Winner of Imperial College Business School Staff Award in category ‘Power of Innovative Thinking’, for the research on imitation strategies using data from the America’s Cup World Series 2014
Sharapov, D. & Ross, J.-M. “Who Should a Leader Imitate in Multiple Competitor Settings?” Nominated for the SMS Best Conference Paper Award at “SMS 34th Annual International Conference” in Madrid. September 2014
Mirabelle Muuls’ team best research project prize at the Junior Research Fellowship Away day 28th November 2014
Paolo Taticchi nomination for the “Talented Young Italians Award” from the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK 2014
Eisingerich, Andreas B outstanding reviewer award from the Journal of International Marketing, American Marketing Association 2014
Annabelle Gawer AOM (Academy of Management Annual Meeting) 2014 Best Paper Award, TIM (Technology and Innovation Management) Division: “Bridging Differing Perspectives on Technological Platforms: Toward an Integrative Framework” 2014


Elena Dalpiaz
ABCD award for outstanding review AOM, 2013

L. Lefsrud,    H. Graves,

and Nelson Phillips

Best EGOS Paper for “Dirty Oil, Ethical Oil: Categorical Delegitimation and the Struggle over the Alberta Oil Sands July 4-6, 2013
Claudia Jasmand,Alex da Mota Pedrosa, , and Dag Näslund Outstanding Paper Award, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013, for the article “Logistics case study based research: towards higher quality”, published in the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management 2013


Richard Green,joint with Nicholas Vasilakos Campbell Watkins Energy Journal Best Paper Award for “Storing Wind for a Rainy Day: How Denmark Manages its Wind Power” 2012
Eisingerich, Andreas B.,Ana Wheelock, Peter Piot, et al. “Global Preparation for PrEP,” International Research Award Runner-Up, Market Research Society December 2012