Book Chapters


Below is a selection of book chapters published by members of the department, organised by year of publication:

Phillips, N; Malhotra, N. Language, Cognition and Institutions: Studying Institutionalization Using Linguistic Methods. In The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism. Editors: Greenwood R, Oliver C, Lawrence T, Meyer R. 392-417. June 2017.

Previous years

  • Stoeckl, Albert, Wolfram Rinke, and Andreas B. Eisingerich “Using ANNs to Determine Place Evoked Affective Consumer Reactions in Wine Tourism” in Lee, Kyuho (Ed.) Strategic Winery Tourism and Management, p. 167-187; Taylor Francis Publishing (2015).
  • Jan Wieseke, Kira Maiwald, and Sven Mikolon “Customers’ Perspective on Service Infusion in Industrial Selling”, in: Servicetransformation: Forum Dienstleistungsmanagement, Bruhn and Hadwich, eds. Wiesbaden: Springer, forthcoming.
  • Mirabelle Muuls, Ralf Martin and Ulrich Wagner published a chapter "Trading Behavior in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme", in a book with MIT Press: Emissions Trading as a Policy Instrument- Evaluation and Prospects, edited by M. Gronwald and B. Hintermann.
  • Malhotra, N (with von Nordenflycht, A. and Morris, T. 2015. Dimensions and sources of homogeneity and heterogeneity in professional service firms. The Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms. Oxford University Press (book chapter)
  • Foscht, Thomas, Marion Brandstaetter, Andreas B. Eisingerich. “The Marketing Mix – A Critical Analysis and Review” in Theories of Marketing Management and Organization, Sage Publishing (forthcoming)
  • Annabelle Gawer and Michaelk Cusumano. "Business Platforms". Book chapter in the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. May 2015.
  • Corrado, C., Haskel, J. and Jona-Lasinio, C., (2015), “ICT, R&D and Non-R&D Intangible Capital: Complementary Relations and Industry Productivity Growth”- in Growth and Stagnation in the World Economy edited by Dale W. Jorgenson, K. Fukao and Marcel P. Timmer, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.
  • Stöckl, Albert, Rinke, Wolfram, Eisingerich, Andreas B. Using Artificial Neurol Networks to Determine Place Evoked Affective Consumer Reactions in Wine Tourism, In: Lee, K, Strategic Winery Tourism and Winery Management, Taylor & Francis, forthcoming 2014.
  • Tracey, P., Phillips, N., & Lounsbury. (Eds.) 2014. Religion and Organizations. London: Emerald. (Research in the Sociology of Organization series).
  • Park, C. Whan, Deborah J. MacInnis, Joseph Priester, Andreas B. Eisingerich, Dawn Iacobucci “Brand Attachment” in Handbook of Brand Management Scales, Routledge Publishers, forthcoming.
  • Eisingerich, Andreas B., C. Whan Park, Deborah MacInnis “Brand Architecture Design and Brand Naming Decisions” in The Routledge Companion to Brand Management, forthcoming.
  • Gawer, A., & Cusumano, M. Platforms and Innovation. ln:Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management, Editor(s):Dodgson, Gann, Phillips. Oxford University Press, 2013.
  • Green, R.J., Y. Mulugetta & Z.X. Zhang. Sustainable Energy Policy. ln: (eds) M. Agarwala, G. Atkinson, S. Dietz and E. Neumayer, Handbook of Sustainable Development. 2nd Edition, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2013.
  • Martin, R., Muuls, M., Gennaioli, C. Using Micro Data to Examine Causal Effects of Climate Policy. ln: Handbook on Energy and Climate Change. 2013.
  • Rindova, V., Reger, R., & Dalpiaz, E. The mind of the strategist and the eye of the beholder: The socio-cognitive perspective in strategy research. ln: Handbook of Research on Competetive Strategy, Editor(s): Dagnino, Giovanni Battista. Edware Elgare, 2012, Chapter 7, ISBN:9781847200440.
  • Kennedy, M.T., Chok, J.I., & Liu, J. What does it mean to be green? The emergence of new criteria for assessing corporate reputation. ln: Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation, Editor(s):Pollock, Barnett. London, Oxford University Press, 2012.
  • Smets M., Morris T., & Malhotra N. Changing career models and capacity for innovation in professional services. ln:Handbook of entrepreneurship. ln: Professional Services. (Eds.) M. Reihlin and A. Werr. Edward Elgar Press., Edward Elgar Press, 2012.
  • Mishina, Y., & Devers, C.E. On being bad: Why stigma is not the same as a bad reputation. ln: The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation, Editor(s):Barnett, Pollock. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012, Pages:201-220, ISBN:9780199596706.
  • Arvey, R.D., & Chaturvedi, S. Examining the Genetic Basis of Leadership. ln: Early Development and Leadership, Editor(s):Murphy, Reichard. Psychology Press: Routledge, 2011, Pages:59-69, ISBN:9781848728240.
  • Eisingerich, A. & Kretschmer, T. Business-Public Research Collaborations, Entrepreneurship, and Market Orientation: Impact on Innovativeness in Regional Clusters. ln: Handbook of Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Editor(s): Audretsch, Falck, Heblich, Lederer, Northhampton. Edward Elgar Publishing, MA, USA, 2011, Pages:448-468.
  • Farkas, M.T. Interviewee Created Boundary Objects: Placing Experiences in the Context of a Whole. ln: Research Alive, Editor(s):Carlsen, Dutton. Copenhagen Business School Press DK, 2011, ISBN:9788763002417.
  • Propper, C., & Nicolson, S. Medical Labor Force. ln: Handbook of Health Economics, Editor(s):Pauly, McGuire, Barros. North-Holland, 2011, ISBN:9780444535924.
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  • Gawer, A.Platforms Dynamics and Strategies: From Products to Services. ln:Platforms, Markets and Innovation, Editor(s):Gawer. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010, Pages:45-76, ISBN:9781848440708.
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  • Kennedy, M.T., Lo, Y.C., & Lounsbury, M.D.  Category Currency: A Framework for Analyzing The Effects of meaning Construction Processes. ln: Categories in Markets: Origins and Evolution, Editor(s):Hsu, Negro, Özgecan. Emerald, 2010, pages 369-397.
  • Kirchler, E., Maciejovsky, B., & Weber, M. Framing Effects, Selective Information and Market Behavior: An Experimental Analysis. ln: Handbook of Behavioral Finance, Editor(s):Bruce. 2010, ISBN:9781848446519.
  • Genakos, C., & Valletti, T. Mobile Regulation and the ‘Waterbed’ Effect. ln:Promoting New Tel ecom Infrastructures, Editor(s):Falch, Markendahl. Edward Elgar Pub, 2010, ISBN:9781849804455.