Journal Articles 2018

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Authors Title Journal Volume Publication Date
Molina-Solana, M., Kennedy, M., Amador Diaz Lopez, J. foo.castr: visualising the future AI workforce Big Data Analytics December 2018
Edquist, H., Goodridge, P., Haskel, J., Li, X., Lindquist, E. How important are mobile broadband networks for the global economic development? Information Economics And Policy Volume 45, pp.16-29 December 2018
Flores-Fillol, R., Iozzi, A., Valletti, T. Platform pricing and consumer foresight: The case of airports Journal Of Economics & Management Strategy Volume 27, pp.705-725 December 2018
Amelio, A., Buettner, T., Hariton, C., Koltay, G., Papandropoulos, P., Sapi, G., Valletti, T., Zenger, H. Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2017/2018 Review Of Industrial Organization Volume 53, pp.653-679 December 2018
Sismeiro, C., Mahmood, A. Competitive vs. Complementary Effects in Online Social Networks and News Consumption: A Natural Experiment Management Science Volume 64, pp.5014-5037 November 2018
Federico, G., Langus, G., Valletti, T. Horizontal mergers and product innovation (Reprinted from International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol 59, pg 1-2013, 2018) International Journal Of Industrial Organization Volume 61, pp.590-612 November 2018
Seidel, V., Hannigan, T., Phillips, N. Rumor communities, social media, and forthcoming innovations: the shaping of technological frames in product market evolution Academy Of Management Review October 2018
Tracey, P., Dalpiaz, E., Phillips, N. FISH OUT OF WATER: TRANSLATION, LEGITIMATION, AND NEW VENTURE CREATION Academy Of Management Journal Volume 61, pp.1627-1666 October 2018
Jansen, M., Staffell, I., Green, R. Daily marginal CO2 emissions reductions from wind and solar generation International Conference On The European Energy Market, Eem September 2018
Ross, J., Fisch, J.H. How to Launch Products in Uncertain Markets Mit Sloan Management Review Volume 60, pp.61-64 September 2018
Kuebler, R., Pauwels, K., Yildirim, G., Fandrich, T. App Popularity: Where in the World Are Consumers Most Sensitive to Price and User Ratings? Journal Of Marketing Volume 82, pp.20-44 September 2018
Noval, L.J., Molinsky, A., Stahl, G.K. Motivated dissimilarity construal and self-serving behavior: How we distance ourselves from those we harm Organizational Behavior And Human Decision Processes Volume 148, pp.145-158 September 2018
Vorushylo, I., Keatley, P., Shah, N., Green, R., Hewitt, N. How heat pumps and thermal energy storage can be used to manage wind power: A study of Ireland Energy Volume 157, pp.539-549 August 2018
Rujeerapaiboon, N., Kuhn, D., Wiesemann, W. Chebyshev Inequalities for Products of Random Variables Mathematics Of Operations Research Volume 43, pp.887-918 August 2018
Hartnup, B., Dong, L., Eisingerich, A.B. How an Environment of Stress and Social Risk Shapes Student Engagement With Social Media as Potential Digital Learning Platforms: Qualitative Study. Jmir Medical Education July 2018
Goodridge, P., Haskel, J., Wallis, G. Accounting for the UK Productivity Puzzle: A Decomposition and Predictions Economica Volume 85, pp.581-605 July 2018
Federico, G., Langus, G., Valletti, T. Horizontal mergers and product innovation International Journal Of Industrial Organization Volume 59, pp.1-23 July 2018
Parmar, N., Dong, L., Eisingerich, A.B. Connecting With Your Dentist on Facebook: Patients' and Dentists' Attitudes Towards Social Media Usage in Dentistry Journal Of Medical Internet Research June 2018
Lin, Y., Tudor-Sfetea, C., Siddiqui, S., Sherwani, Y., Ahmed, M., Eisingerich, A.B. Effective Behavioral Changes through a Digital mHealth App: Exploring the Impact of Hedonic Well-Being, Psychological Empowerment and Inspiration Jmir Mhealth And Uhealth June 2018
Valletti, T., Zenger, H. Should Profit Margins Play a More Decisive Role in Merger Control? - A Rejoinder to Jorge Padilla Journal Of European Competition Law & Practice Volume 9, pp.336-342 May 2018
Liu, Y., Foscht, T., Eisingerich, A.B., Tsai, H-T. Strategic management of product and brand extensions: Extending corporate brands in B2B vs. B2C markets Industrial Marketing Management Volume 71, pp.147-159 May 2018
Boler, E.A., Javorcik, B., Ulltveit-Moe, K.H. Working across time zones: Exporters and the gender wage gap Journal Of International Economics Volume 111, pp.122-133 May 2018
Tudor-Sfetea, C., Rabee, R., Najim, M., Amin, N., Chadha, M., Jain, M., Karia, K., Kothari, V., Patel, T., Suseeharan, M. Evaluation of Two Mobile Health Apps in the Context of Smoking Cessation: Qualitative Study of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Versus Non-CBT-Based Digital Solutions. Jmir Mhealth And Uhealth April 2018
Bhargave, R.P., Montgomery, N.V., Redden, J.P. Collective Satiation: How Coexperience Accelerates a Decline in Hedonic Judgments Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology Volume 114, pp.529-546 April 2018
Williams, S.P., Malik, H.T., Nicolay, C.R., Chaturvedi, S., Darzi, A., Purkayastha, S. Interventions to improve employee health and well-being within health care organizations: A systematic review. Journal Of Healthcare Risk Management : The Journal Of The American Society For Healthcare Risk Management Volume 37, pp.25-51 April 2018
Dalpiaz, E., Di Stefano, G. A universe of stories: Mobilizing narrative practices during transformative change Strategic Management Journal Volume 39, pp.664-696 March 2018
Gavazza, A., Nardotto, M., Valletti, T. Internet and Politics: Evidence from U.K. Local Elections and Local Government Policies Review Of Economic Studies March 2018
Montes, R., Sand-Zantman, W., Valletti, T. The value of personal information in online markets with endogenous privacy Management Science February 2018
Kosova, R., Sertsios, G. An Empirical Analysis of Self-Enforcement Mechanisms: Evidence from Hotel Franchising Management Science Volume 64, pp.43-63 January 2018
Foscht, T., Lin, Y., Eisingerich, A.B. Blinds up or down?: The influence of transparency, future orientation, and CSR on sustainable and responsible behavior European Journal Of Marketing Volume 52, pp.476-498 January 2018
Genakos, C., Valletti, T., Verboven, F. Evaluating market consolidation in mobile communications Economic Policy Volume 33, pp.45-100 January 2018
Parpas, P., Ralph, D., Wiesemann, W. Special issue: Optimization models and algorithms for data science PREFACE Mathematical Programming Volume 167, pp.1-3 January 2018
Merlo, O., Eisingerich, A., Auh, S., Levstek, J. The benefits and implementation of performance transparency: The why and how of letting your customers 'see through' your business Business Horizons Volume 61, pp.73-84 January 2018