2015/16 academic year

Seminars from 2015/16 academic year:

Christian Fons-Rosen, Pompeu Fabra University  Air travel Costs and Scientific Collaboration
Jonathan Colmer, LSE Weather, Labour Reallocation, and Industrial Production: Evidence from India
Li Liu, University of Oxford  Home Country Taxation and Multinational Investment: Evidence from the UK
 The impact of investment incentives: evidence from UK corporation tax returns

Esther Ann Bøler, University of Oslo [but currently visiting LSE])

Technology-skill complementarity in a globalized world

Ananya Sen, Toulouse School of Economics

Clicks and Editorial Decisions: How does Popularity Shape Online News Coverage?

Andrew Stephen, Said Business School, University of Oxford

 Spillover Effects in Seeded Word-of-Mouth Marketing Campaigns

Stefan Szymanski, University of Michigan

 Entry, Career Dynamics and Worker Quality in the Labour Market for Talent- the case of football managers

Silke Forbes, Weatherhead School of Management,
Case Western Reserve University

 Doctor Switching Costs in Health Insurance    

Patrick Jaillet, MIT

 On some tractable optimization models dealing with uncertainty

Michael Ahearne, University of Houston

 Managing the Sales Force during a Period of Disruptive Organizational Change: Two Longitudinal Studies

Michael Ball, University of Maryland

 A Novel Approach to Group Decision-Making: Applying Majority Judgement over Polyhedral Sets

Sourindra Banerjee, Warwick University

 Is Pressure from Shareholders Really Bad? Impact of Ownership and Professional Management on Innovation

Guillermo Gallego, Columbia University

Do Consumers Benefit from Dynamic Pricing?
Christopher S. Tang, UCLA, Anderson School of Management  Improving Environmental, Health and Safety in Supply Chains: Some Preliminary Studies
Sunil Mithas, Robert H. Smith School of Business  Does Platform Owner’s Entry Crowd Out Innovation? Evidence from Google Photos