2016/17 academic year

Seminars from 2016/17 academic year:

Alessandro Lomi (USI-University of Lugano) The network dynamics of organizational attention       28 September 2016
William Ocasio (Kellogg School of Management)  The Generativity of Institutional Logics  24 October 2016
Jake Grandy (University of California)  Regulatory Discretion and New Venture Outcomes: An Examination of the U.S. Hydroelectric Power Sector, 1978-2014  31 October 2016
Laura Noval (Vienna University of Economics and Business)  Motivated Dissimilarity Construal and Self-Serving Behavior: When Incentives Make Us Feel Different From Others  04 November 2016
Daniel Keum (NYU Stern School of Business) Penalizing the Underdogs? Employment Protection and the Competitive Dynamics of Firm Innovation 07 November 2016
Marc Goerigk (Lancaster University) On Robust Selection Problems 07 November 2016
Mihalis Markakis (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) On the hardness of inventory management with censored demand data 09 November 2016
Timothy Hubbard (University of Georgia)  The role of CEO core self-evaluation and feedback in understanding strategic decisions  11 November 2016
Oliver Hauser (Harvard Business School)  Invisible inequality leads to punishing the poor and rewarding the rich  14 November 2016
Yidi Guo (INSEAD, Singapore)  When the Boss Is Not Always the Boss: Hierarchical Inconsistency and Organizational Misconduct  18 November 2016
Yong Kim (University of Michigan)  Yanking the Chain: Do Mobile Phone Brands Pay the Price of Supplier Wrongdoing?  25 November 2016
Balazs Kovacs (Yale School of Management) Patent Class Contrast and the Impact of Technological Innovations 28 November 2016
Tom Lawrence (Saïd Business School, University of Oxford) High Stakes Institutional Translation: Establishing North America’s First Government-Sanctioned Supervised Injection Site 29 November 2016
Chaitali Kapadia (University of North Carolina)  More Tasks, More Ideas: How Multitasking Influences Subsequent Creativity  05 December 2016
David Daniels (Stanford University)  How Nudge Strategies can Backfire in Social Interactions  06 December 2016
Erin Mansur (Dartmouth University)  Distributional Effects of Air Pollution from Electric Vehicle Adoption  09 December 2016
Xiangyu Gao (NUS Business School)  Trusting and feeling trusted: Two distinct aspects of leader-follower trust relationships  13  December 2016


Qi (George) Chen (Ross School of Business, University of Michigan)

Real-Time Dynamic Pricing with Minimal and Flexible Price Adjustment 25 January 2017

Anton Braverman (Cornell University)

  Steady-state diffusion approximations in service systems: engineering solutions and error bounds  27 January 2017

Richard Jones (University of Sheffield)

Innovation, R&D, and the UK’s productivity problem 01 February 2017

Zoe Kinias (INSEAD)

Brief Interventions for Women’s Resiliency: Self Affirmation and Empowerment Facilitate Functional Decision Making and  Improve Performance 06 February 2017

Bharadwaj Kadiyala (Naveen Jindal School of Management, UT Dallas)

True Value of Promotions with Delayed Incentives: An Empirical Investigation of Gift Card Promotions 06 February 2017

Martin Haugh (Columbia University)

Sub-optimal policies for Markov decision processes: Just how good are they? 08 February 2017

Patrick Gaule (CERGE-EI, Prague)

Patents and the Success of Venture-Capital Backed Startups: Using Examiner Assignment to Estimate Causal Effects 09 February 2017

Tengyuan Liang (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Computational Concerns in Statistical Inference and Learning for Network Data Analysis 10 February 2017

Brian Connelly (Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business)

Roundtable session – invite only 14 February 2017

Kostas Bimpikis (Stanford University)

 Spatial Pricing in Ride-Sharing Networks  27 February 2017

Nicole Montgomery (University of Virginia)

 Falling Off the Glass Cliff: How CEO Gender Affects Consumer Response to Company Failure  03 March 2017

Matthew Harding (University of California)

The Economic and Environmental Costs and Benefits of Smart Technology 03 March 2017

Leaf Van Boven (University of Colorado)

 Introspection Improves Judgment and Decision Making  27 March 2017

Beate Javorcik (University of Oxford)

 Forensics, Elasticities and Benford’s Law: Detecting Tax Fraud in International Trade  08 May 2017

Zhen Zhang (W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona state University)

 How Does a Creative Leader Facilitate or Hinder Employee Creativity? A Six-Week Longitudinal Study  15 May 2017

Meghana Ayyagari (The George Washington University)

 Fewer and Less Skilled? Human Capital, Competition, and Entrepreneurial Success in US Manufacturing  22 May 2017

Ruiwei Jiang (University of Michigan)

 Ambiguous Risk Constraints with Moment and Unimodality Information  25 May 2017

 Spyros Zoumpoulis (INSEAD)

 Customizing Marketing Decisions Using Field Experiments  26 May 2017
 Hugh Gravelle (University of York)  The Effect of Hospital Ownership on Quality of Care: Evidence from England  05 June 2017
Sinan Aral (MIT)  Peer Effects, Social Multipliers and Cascades of Human Behavior: Causal Inference at Scale  07 June 2017