Established in 1986 at the University of Nottingham, CMBOR moved to Imperial College London in 2011.  CMBOR examines company buy-outs with a focus on the often misunderstood private equity buy-outs, transactions which include the purchase of companies collapsing under large debt. Led by Professor Mike Wright, and based in the Department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, CMBOR studies these activities in order to understand more about the companies being purchased.

CMBOR has a database of over 30,000 companies and produces quarterly reports on buy-out activity, presenting analysed data to the industry and drawing conclusions about company performance. The Centre also undertakes bespoke research projects and supplies data from its resources. Funded by Equistone Partners and Investec Bank, CMBOR research and reports are vital to the European private equity industry.

Equistone Partners, a major European buy-out firm, frequently uses CMBOR information in its investment decisions. Christiian Marriott, Investor Relations Partner explains: “[CMBOR’s research] is vital to understand the market and assess the impacts of buyouts on the wider economic landscape.”

As well as commercial and academic influence, CMBOR supplies comprehensive evidence and analysis for UK and European policy making, allowing governments to develop legislation which can help firms to prosper in uncertain times.

In the video below, Professor Mike Wright (Centre Director) discusses CMBOR and its work: