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2018 CRUK Centre PhD Projects:

Theme 1 PhD Studentship – Prof Joshua Edel, Prof Charlotte Bevan, and Dr Sylvain Ladame: Plasma tumour DNA size profiling: a new diagnostic and prognostic tool for prostate cancer

Theme 2 PhD Studentship – Dr Doryen Bubeck and Prof Ed Tate: Novel adjuvants for antibody-based cancer therapeutics: design, biological characterization and influence on membrane-protein structure

Clinical Research Fellowship – Dr Matthew Williams and Prof Francesca Toni: Are electronic activity monitors acceptable to adult patients with high-grade gliomas (HGG)?

2017 CRUK Centre PhD Projects:
Theme 1 PhD Studentship - Dr Amanda Cross, Prof Wendy Atkin and Dr Christian Von Wagner (UCL): Optimisation of colorectal cancer screening and prevention: risk factors for proximal colon cancer and screening of a high-risk population

Theme 2 PhD Studentship - Profs Ed Tate, Eric Aboagye, Charlotte Bevan and Hani Gabra: Unlocking the KLK activome in drug-resistant prostate and ovarian cancer: imaging, biomarker discovery and target validation using novel activity probes

Clinical Research Fellowship - Mr James Kinross, Profs Zoltan Takats and Ara DarziReal time precision phenotyping of significant polyps and early colorectal cancers using rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry (REIMS)

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CRUK Imperial Centre Alumni

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