Public and Patient Involvement

Public and Patient Involvement

Heard about patient and public involvement and engagement, but don’t know what it means?

Patient or public involvement is about research being carried out in collaboration with the people who will be affected by the outcome. This might include patients or carers who can help prioritise research areas and ensure it gives the most benefit to patients.

We are working with partners across the College to prepare guidance on how to involve patients in research and appropriate processes for remuneration.

Guidance can be found here:
Patient Involvement Guidance
Rewards and payment process

Here at the CRUK Centre we directly involve patients with research through a patient group. They provide invaluable insight for our scientists planning their research. 

Researchers here also engage the general public with our pioneering research at a variety of exciting and innovative events such as the Imperial Festival, Pint of Science, London Pride 10k and many activities for CRUK supporters.

The President's Award for Societal Engagement
November 2016

Kelly Gleason
Kelly Gleason, CRUK Senior Research Nurse was named runner up for the Leadership Award at the first President's 
Awards for Excellence in Societal Engagement. Kelly was photographed with (L) Professor Maggie Dallman, Associate Provost, and (R) Professor Alice P. Gast, President of Imperial College London at Tuesday's event.
The Leadership Award for Societal Engagement was awarded to Natasha Martineau in recognition of her work expanding the College’s public engagement platforms (including the Imperial Festival), and supporting others to develop their knowledge of public engagement.  

We are so very proud of the work Kelly does - often in her personal time - to engage with patients, careers and the local community. Say congratulations to Kelly @ImperialCR_UK 


More information

For researchers

Want to gain patient insight in your research? Please contact Kelly Gleason (
07837 167298

Patient involvement:
Patient Involvement Guidance
Rewards and payment process 

Want to spread the word about your exciting research? Please contact Catriona Sibert (

For patients

We have a patient group who work with our scientists to give valuable input on how they should carry out their research.

To find out more please contact Kelly Gleason (
07837 167298

Patient Group meetings are held at the beautiful Maggie's West London Centre and are open to all.

The 2018 meeting dates are:

Friday, April 20 at Maggie's
Thursday, July 5 at Maggie's
Thursday, September 27 at Maggie's


For the public

You can learn more about the cutting edge research at the CRUK Imperial Centre by coming along to one of our upcoming public events.

If you are interested in doing your own fundraising for CRUK in the local area, take a look at the London events or organise your own fundraising event.