Peter Andre visits Imperial College

Peter Andre visited the labs on the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial earlier this year to try his hand at research and speak to some of our scientists.

Researchers from the CRUK Imperial Centre participate in a large number of events throughout the year – from the intimate setting of our Science Café for patients and public, to the international Precision Medicines cancer conference for the scientific community.  We have a number of events coming up in 2017.  To review the archive of CRUK Imperial Centre events, please see previous Events.

Recurring events

Science cafe in action

Science Cafe

6 July 2017
Two speakers discussed Lymphoedema

Maggie's Centre, Hammersmith
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Combination Dance Company performing ReCode at Imperial Festival

Imperial Festival and Cancer Innovations showcase

Our scientists demonstrate hands-on activities at the Imperial Festival and the Festival Fringe events throughout the year.

In May 2017, around 20 researchers from across the CRUK Imperial Centre engaged visitors with hands-on activities to explain their research. Guests took part in ‘Conversation C’, debating which areas of cancer research they thought are most important.

Professor Zoltan Tokats and Mr Daniel Leff spoke about the pioneering iKnife - technology that can tell surgeons when they are cutting through cancerous tissue. They discussed the clinical need for this and the potential impact it could have on patients in the future.
The talk can be watched here:

Throughout the weekend, the public were also able to go behind the scenes on a tour of the labs with researchers from Professor Ed Tate’s group. Visitors had the chance to hear what it’s like to be a scientist and try their hand at a few experiments.

Guests left understanding how the CRUK Imperial Centre is carrying out lifesaving research which will have a true impact on patients in the future, and got first-hand view of what their generous donations are used for.

Imperial College London, South Kensington 

For more information visit the Imperial Festival website 

Conference delegates look at posters

Cancer Seminars and Workshops

The CRUK Centre supports and promotes activities for researchers at every stage as well as the general community.

Engineering Solutions for a Clinical Problem - monthly talks by clinicians to engineers
Workshops to promote multidisciplinary collaborations
Patient User Group quarterly meetings
Science Cafe