Training the next generation of convergence scientists

At the heart of the CRUK Imperial Centre's convergence research strategy is a unique initiative to train the next generation of Convergence Scientists.

Our commitment to convergence science training

  • Promote multidisciplinary research (our trainees will bridge research teams across the different faculties to accelerate the development of new methodologies and technologies to address the unmet needs in cancer).
  • Breakdown language barriers (equipping our trainees to speak the language of the different disciplines and lay communities including patients)
  • Build cross-institutional teams (in partnership with the Institute of Cancer Research [ICR] we are training a unique cohort who will benefit from Imperial’s world-class expertise in engineering and physical sciences and the ICR’s internationally reputable cancer research programme).
  • Draw from best practice (our trainees will benefit from accessing the skills development programme offered by various Centres for Doctoral Training [CDT]. Notably, we are collaborating with the Institute of Chemical Biology CDT, to enable our trainees to develop business and technological skills through use of the Advanced Hackspace).