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The CRUK Imperial Centre hosts a number of events throughout the year, including workshops, seminars and competitions.

Imperial Science Cafe - 2020 Webinar Series

Imperial Science Cafe Poster

The Imperial Science Cafés are a unique opportunity for cancer researchers to present and discuss their research projects with individuals affected by cancer in a relaxed, opne and informal setting. These events are not only important for educating and engaging with the public/patients, but it can also provide researchers with valuable patient perspectives on their work through sharing their personal experiences.

Usually the Science Cafés are hosted at the Maggie’s Centre at Charing Cross Hospital. However, due to the current COVID pandemic, the Science cafe's will be moving to an online format for the time being.

Please connect to the live webinar through the Imperial Events wesbsite

Surgery and Cancer Webinar: Translational Research

On Tuesday 14th July 4 pm, the Surgery and Cancer Webinar series will be featuring talks on infrastructure at Imperial to help Cancer researchers with their translational projects.

This event will include presentations from:

  1. Georgios Nteliopoulos – The Circulating Biomarker Laboratory
  2. Kelly Gleason – How can Public and Patient engagement help with your research?
  3. Mark Gurden – The CRUK Imperial Centre: facilitating cancer research at Imperial

There will be an opportunity to ask questions following the presentations.


This webinar series is taking place via Teams. Attendance from cancer researchers from all departments and faculties at Imperial College London are welcome to join.

Join the webinar through this Teams meeting link

Previous events

Convergence Science in Surgical Oncology Symposium - 13 June 2019

This one-day event was aimed at a multidisciplinary audience, including surgeons, biologists, physicists, data scientists and engineers.

The overall aim of the symposium was to highlight the importance of convergence science in the development of novel technologies to help improve pre-, intra- and post-operative decision making in cancer surgery.


Symposium programme

IRDB/Oncology Seminar - 11 October 2018

This seminar was delivered by Dr Gabriela Kramer-Marek in the IRDB Seminar Room at Hammersmith Campus.

CRUK Imperial Centre Inaugrual Lecture - 9 October 2018

The prestigious inaugural lecture for the CRUK Imperial Centre was presented at Imperial's South Kensington campus by Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States.

Cancer at Imperial poster competition

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We are very excited to announce the launch of the Cancer at Imperial Digital poster Competition in collaboration with the Division of Cancer and the CRUK Imperial Centre.

We are surrounded by some of the brightest young minds at Imperial whose research holds great potential for future breakthroughs in cancer prevention, detection and treatment. To celebrate emerging research and talent at Imperial, we are launching a digital poster competition with seven awards to be won across two categories: 

Competition categories
1. Science communication2. Potential impact on cancer research

This category will award applicants whose posters best meet the following criteria:

  • Clarity
  • Creative design and boldness
  • Effectively communicates to a broad audience (makes science accessible)

This category will award applicants whose posters best meet the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Novelty
  • Potential for Impact (clinical, technological, methodological, commercial) 
 We recognise that these categories are not mutually-exclusive. A winning poster might have high potential for research impact AND excellent science communication. Therefore, we are encouraging entrants not to limit the scope of your poster to any one category. By submitting your entry, you will be eligible under both categories.
The goal is to effectively and accurately communicate your work-in-progress using visually illustrative and creative methods to tell your story and present your data. Whilst the accuracy and excellence of the research will be a core component in judging, the way in which you communicate will considerably add to the delivery and intelligibility of your work.


The CRUK Imperial Centre welcomes researchers from all departments and faculties at Imperial and we promote a collaborative and convergence approach to cancer research. As such, if you are a MRes or PhD researcher working on cancer, or your research has the potential to be applied to cancer, you are eligible to apply to our competition. We do however, have a few rules of engagement. 

Rules of Entry

  1. All entries must be submitted on Workplace. If you are not already a member of Workplace, joining is easy. Simply contact Jennifer Halton ( with your a) Name, b) Status (MRes, PhD, etc), c) Registered department, d) Supervisor and e) your email alias. 
  2. Entries must be saved and uploaded as a PDF. You may use portrait or landscape dimensions.
  3. Entries must be posted in the Workplace group entitled 'Digital Poster Comp 2019'. Your Workplace account will be proof of authorship. This is an open group and visible to all Workplace members (membership is limited to researchers from Imperial only). All poster entries will remain visible on Workplace unless a personal request for deletion is made. All deletion requests must be submitted to   
  4. By submitting a poster to the competition, you are automatically eligible under both categories. 
  5. Posters will be judged by a multidisciplinary committee of senior researchers, science communication professionals and patients from Imperial College London. The panel will be announced in September. The decision of the panel will be final. 
  6. All awards are non-transferable and must be used in the period between 1st January and 31st December 2020 inclusive. 
  7. The People's Choice Award will be chosen by members of the Cancer at Imperial Workplace instance. Members will be invited to submit their chosen entry via a Workplace poll after 17:00 on the last date of submissions, Friday 25th October 2019.  

Selection Committee 

We are passionate about promoting and funding convergence science and our selection committee will reflect this. The panel will be multidisciplinary and include senior researchers, science communication specialists and patient representatives from Imperial College London. We encourage entrants to be mindful of how they communicate their research, keeping in mind the impact on the end user: the public and patients as well as scientists. The panel will be announced in late September. 


The Benefits of Going Digital

The competition will take place online via Workplace, the CRUK Imperial Centre's digital communication and collaboration hub. We are aware of the barriers to participation and access to research events due to the geographical spread of our seven campuses. We hope that an online competition will widen access and participation, and in addition, increase the sustainability of poster competitions by reducing student costs and the material waste of printed posters. 

Competition prizes

CategoryCategory winnerFirst runner upSecond runner up
 Science communication  Bursary to attend any UK-based cancer conference in 2020  BACR Student Membership (1yr)  BACR Student Membership (1yr)
 Impact on cancer research Bursary to attend any UK-based cancer conference in 2020  BACR Student Membership (1yr) BACR Student Membership (1yr)

 People's choice award 

Certificate + BACR Student Membership (1yr)  n/a n/a 
*All winners will receive an official certificate of achievement from the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre 
Summary of prizes

Patient and Public Involvement Researcher Training


Patient and Public Involvement Researcher Training 

Patients and researchers sitting around a table doing a workshop activity

Whether you are preparing a funding application, conducting research or planning your next project, this training session is a fantastic opportunity for you or members of your team to understand how to involve people affected by cancer in your research in an impactful way.

Cancer Research UK are offering a free half-day training session for researchers, which will be held on Friday 1st November at The Invention Rooms, 68 Wood Lane, White City, from 12pm-4.30pm (including a break and refreshments).

This session will help you to understand how to practically implement public and patient involvement, including:

  • How to involve people and at what stage in the research cycle, using case study examples
  • The numerous different methods of involvement you can use
  • Tips for communicating well with people you involve
  • Further resources to support you in starting to involve people in your research

We advise you to register early as there are limited places available. For registration and further information, link here to Eventbrite.  

You will also have the opportunity to plan patient involvement in your own research and meet one of our patient representatives who will be co-delivering the session. If you already have lots of experience of public and patient involvement, but think this may be useful for other colleagues, please share this with any other contacts you think may be interested.

Please be aware this training opportunity is open to researchers specialising in Cancer.