The content in AA has been developed to be interactive and engaging. Alongside you as students, taking the course are a set of Avatars.  These are representations of Imperial students (they are not real).  They have been created to help describe elements of the course. These avatars identify skills, apply for jobs and start work as they progress through AA. Click here to meet them.   

Throughout AA we encourage you to reflect on the experiences you have and keep a log of these in your Plan: Me.  This is the decision-making tool which incorporates skills development and reflection to help you track your progress as you move through the course.  Click here for a short introduction to reflection.

Half of the AA short course gives you practical tips on how to navigate the job hunting and interview processes. As well as the Avatars we give you content to explore such as the activities you might expect at an Assessment Centre, or activities like the Interview Question Generator,  as well as a LinkedIn group where you can ask questions and network.