This section of the career planning process is about choosing between or prioritising the various options which you have researched.

Making choices

If you are struggling to make a decision, check that you have enough information on which to make a choice. Do you need to go back to do some more research or to get a better understanding of what you want out of job, etc? Ultimately, however, you are likely to have to accept that you can’t know everything about a job or a course of further study before you start and that there will always be an element of the unknown in most decisions.

How do you make choices?

People make decisions in different ways. There is no right approach but you may like to think about the advantages and disadvantages of decision-making styles that you have used in the past. How effective were they? Would you use them again?

  • The Mind Tools website provides some information on different analytical approaches to decision making.
  • Are there any gaps in the information which you have about a particular option? Would getting some work experience in a particular career area or talking to someone already carrying out their role give you the insight you need to decide if the career is for you?
  • Talking to friends or family or discussing your options with a Careers Consultant or Departmental Careers Adviser may also help you sort out way forward.