Ask an Alum Code of Conduct

This service exists to provide current students with an opportunity to seek careers related information and advice from alumni of Imperial College for their individual development only. 

Access to the service will be via application to the College Careers Service, who will contact the alum on the student’s behalf. 

It is expected that alum will respond as swiftly as possible, however students should be aware that alum may be busy and repeated and persistent requests for information may annoy and result in students being barred from using the service.

It should be noted that alum may have no responsibility, role or influence in relation to recruitment practices within a company, and queries directed to alum should not be requests for work experience, employment or for sponsorship request.

Email communication between the student and alum will be monitored and we reserve the right to remove access to the service at any time should any communication be deemed inappropriate.

Inappropriate communication includes:

  • Direct requests for work experience or employment
  • Request for CV, application form or cover letter checking – please refer to the Careers Service in the first instance
  • Requests for assistance with work permits
  • Requests for inappropriate access to personal data and contact details
  • All requests for resources, sponsorship or funding for individual use, societies, activities or any other purpose
  • All requests for visiting speakers, presenters, contributors or offers to promote individual companies on campus

Alum who agree to be contacted through this service are unpaid volunteers, and as such, they do not commit to an ongoing professional relationship with students who direct queries to them.

This service is intended as electronic contact only and any communication via telephone or face to face is an agreement created solely between the alum and the student.  Any contact is undertaken at your own risk and responsibility.

Imperial College makes no offer, representation, guarantee or solicitation on behalf of the alum or student and makes no claim to the quality of any information, advice or guidance provided by alum via this service.