Major employment sectors in Malaysia include biotechnology, commodities trading, electronics, finance, information technology, petroleum and gas, and tourism.

Job hunting in Malaysia

A new scheme has been funded by the UK government for connecting Malaysian students who study in the UK with employment opportunities in Malaysia. The scheme (March 2012) is administrated via the University of the West of England and is for all Malaysian students in the UK, including those at Imperial College London. You can find information about jobs and internships as well as case studies of Malysian graduates and profiles of Malysian employers. To access this information, click on Malaysia-gradlink

Application information

Unless expressly asked not to, use English for your application forms and CVs. Do not be surprised if you are asked for personal information such as weight, height, race, religion and marital status. You may also have to provide transcripts or photocopies of results. (At Imperial, contact Registry for details). Employers will usually ask for a photograph to accompany your application, so use a professional photograph to create a positive impression.

‘Walk in’ interviews are widely used as part of the recruitment procedure in Malaysia. Some companies may ask you to register, or send a CV in advance, but others expect you just to turn up. If attending a walk in interview, dress appropriately for the job. Although ‘walk in’ may sound casual they are still interviews so you should take copies of your CV with you and aim to impress the employers with your professionalism. Walk in interviews are advertised in the press, on company websites and recruitment websites and may either be held at the company’s offices or in centrally located hotels.

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