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Thank you to all those who submitted their Imperial stories during 2007.
Read the stories, watch the videos and view the pictures below

Oluwatosin Ajayi Midsummer Night's Dream(Chemical Engineering, 2000-04)
recalls organising his first Dramsoc production
7 January 2008
Olivia Shields Violin and sheet music(Medicine, present; leader of the Imperial College Symphony Orchestra)
Review of Imperial College Symphony Orchestra Tour to Spain and Paris
18 December 2007
Colin Waldron Chemical Engineering students(Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1975)
The story behind the picture
18 December 2007
Gordon Jackson Chemical Engineering students(Chemical Engineering, 1972; PhD, 1976)
Fondly remembers his time at Imperial in the 70s
17 December 2007
G.A. Mohajer and Esmaeli Esbati Main entrance 2007(Petroleum Engineering, 1961; Civil Engineering, 1988)
remember their time at Imperial
17 December 2007
Professor Brian Morgan 1950s class
remembers life in the Physics Department in the 1960s.
17 December 2007
John Sanderson and Jeffrey Greenleaf Student running(Physics, 1962; Physics, 1962)
remember the time when there were 2,700 men and only 100 women at Imperial
17 December 2007
Reginald Gill Sir Roderic Hill(Electrical Engineering, 1951)
remembers how the Commemoration Day celebrations started
17 December 2007
Ian Gillett Ian Gillett(Chemistry 1971-78, Health and Safety Director 1987-present)
celebrates 20 years of service with Health and Safety Services at Imperial
17 December 2007
Amar Nath Wahi London Park(Electrical Engineering MSc, 1970)
remembers moving from India to study at Imperial
17 December 2007
Sharine Brown Student's in Prince's Gardens(Head of Residences)
remembers her experiences of student excuses, flooding and burnt baked beans
17 December 2007
Sir Richard Sykes The Rector at the Summer Ball(Rector, 2001-08)
looks back over Imperial's Centenary year
14 December 2007
Idris Ahemd Wye Campus(Agriculture, 1988)
remembers his time at Wye College
13 December 2007
Hannaa Kotb, Cheryl Kam, Shreelata Datta Library books(Medicine 2007, Healthcare Management 2004, Medicine 2003)
tell tales of pub crawls and library gossips
13 December 2007
Professor Stephen Landor and Dr Phyllis Landor Test tubes(Chemistry, 1951; Chemistry, 1951)
share their experiences of Chemistry at Imperial
12 December 2007
John Lamerton The Lowry Boat
shares his thoughts on possibly being part of the first father and son to attend Imperial
12 December 2007
Professor Emeritus Sir Hugh Ford Hall Class Loco(City and Guilds)
from Boanerges to oblivion
12 December 2007

David Lefevre Tanaka Business School(Tanaka Business School)
shares his experiences of learning technologies
12 December 2007
Neville Rhoden Wedding rings (Mining Geology, 1953; PhD, 1958)
shares his post war experiences at Imperial
13 December 2007
Peter Mee Commemoration Day, Royal Albert Hall(Assistant Planning Officer, 1959-67; Registrar, 1967-96; College Secretary, 1996-98)
regales the time he started as the Staff Orator
12 December 2007
L Hinds Leg in plaster (Chemistry, 1943-1945, 1948-49)
Regales of perils of digging trenches in the Royal Parks
12 December 2007
Peter Mee Peter Mee(Assistant Planning Officer, 1959-67; Registrar, 1967-96; College Secretary 1996-98)
tells tales of the metric system never catching on
12 December 2007
Anne Barrett (The College Archivist)
G.C. Lowryreflects on G.C Lowry, who was part of the Imperial College Administration 1923-58
11 December 2007
Patricia Reader Manor House, Silwood Park(Biology, 1967-present)
shares her memories of 40 enjoyable years at Silwood Park
11 December 2007
Linda Jones (Physics, 1968-present)
Football bootsshares her memories of mini skirts, three-legged football and a mobile discotheque
10 December 2007
John Collins (Civil engineering, 2002-06 and President of the Student Union, 2006-07)
John and his bikepedalled 928 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End to raise funds for the Student Union
09 December 2007
Cedric Turner (Mechanical Engineering, 1976-1991)
Recollections of Strength of Materials in the Mechanical Engineering Department
5 December 2007
Marcus Rafla (Mechanical Engineering, 2001-2006)
Motorcycle ambulanceshares his memories of his travels to Zambia to set up a motorcycle ambulance
2 December 2007
Christine Yates (Human Resources)
Imperial as Oneshares her experience of Imperial as One – the College’s race equality advisory group
30 November 2007
Robert Lyn (Mechanical Engineering, 1973)
Live bandremembers Elton John and Deep Purple performing at Imperial
28 November 2007
Terance Boley (Electrical Engineering, 1957)
Sailing boatshares his memories of lectures, balls and life-long friends
26 November 2007
Dr Joseph McCall (Chemistry 1940, Geology 1949, PhD 1951)
Squash playershares his war time experiences of Imperial College sports
23 November 2007
Virgil Scott (Mechanical Engineering, 2004-present)
Virgil Climbing close to basecampshares his breath taking adventures of sheer drops, and steep mountain climbs
23 November 2007
Krishna Thakrar (Electrical Engineering 1931)
Pensregales fond memories of the Pimlico Connection and student pranks
22 November 2007
Lord Flowers (Rector, 1973-85)
Lord FlowersLord Flowers and his wife, Lady Flowers, remember student parties in their South Kensington flat
22 November 2007
John A. Walters (Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1942-44)
shares his memories of doodle bugs disrupting his exams
21 November 2007
Jim Fredericks (Electrical Engineering, 1947-52)
FireworksJim fondly remembers the unofficial firework display on the Albert Memorial steps
13 November 2007
Jim Platt (Mining Geology 1957-60)
Imperial College RowersJim regales memories of defending the Chaps Club and the mascot of the Royal School of Mines
12 November 2007
Mark Chapman (Chemistry 1987-92 and 1995-97)
Mark in IcelandMark tells his inspiring story of courage and strength
12 November 2007
Daniel Carrivick (Geology 1998-2002)
The Greenland TraverseDaniel shares his life risking tales of conquering mountain peaks and building bridges
8 November 2007
Terry Hulme
Students at Selkirk Hallshares his dislike of whale meat and mustard
8 November 2007
Philip Spires (Chemical Engineering 1970-73)
Garden Hall BarbequeRecalls barbecuing a cow over a bonfire at garden Hall...
5 November 2007
Tony Brewis (Royal School of Mines, 1949-52 and Mineral Technology, 1960-61)
Van at PorthtowanTo Cornwall or bust...
30 October 2007
S. Rajanayagam (Electrical Engineering 1930-32)
Travelled from Sri Lanka for a 9am lecture...
19 October 2007
Diana Anderson (Campus Administrator-Silwood Park Campus)
Paddy Jackman at the staff partyFrom Silwood to Star Wars via the Centenary staff party.
12 October 2007
Professor Michael Streat (Chemical Engineering, PhD student 1958-61; staff 1961-89)
shares his memories of importing dangerous cargo to Imperial
12 October 2007
Jack Mawdsley (Royal School of Mines, 1957-60)
shares his memories of his 21st birthday celebrations
10 October 2007
Peter Ackers (Civil Engineering, 1942-44)
shares his memories of civil egineering at Imperial
9 October 2007
Elizabeth Tunnah (nee King) (Chemistry, 1944-47; Biochemistry, 1947-49)
Beit QuadShares her memories of food rations at Imperial
5 October 2007
Nigel Kelland (Royal School of Mines, 1962-1963)
Julia Childs and Nigel Kelland at the RSM Christmas BallNigel came to Imperial, and won a wife!
30 September 2007
Louis Badone (Royal School of Mines, 1942-1945)
Gower PeninsulaShares his memories of being evacuated to the University of Swansea during World War II
5 September 2007
Colin Grimshaw (Media Services, 1965-present)
Colin Grimshaw in CornwallMeeting my fast rewind
10 August 2007
Anthony Smart (1965)
Brighton runRelives the 1965 London to Brighton HCVC Rally.
7 August 2007
The Imperial Riders (2007)
London to Brighton - In Praise of Padded Shorts...
7 August 2007
Mino Green (Electrical Engineering 1956 - Present)
shares his memories of getting his revenge with liquid nitrogen
7 August 2007
Joe Soul (Electrical Engineering 1947)
shares his photographs and memories from his time in Sweden as part of the Student Exchange Programme, Summer 1947
7 August 2007
John Oakley (Chemical Engineering 1949)
describes an incident involving Her Majesty the Queen Mother and a run away lift
6 August 2007
Ralph Cornforth (Physics 1965)
Ralf Cornforthdescribes a daring rescue mission from the student lounge in University College
29 June 2007
Rogers Knight (City and Guilds College 1934-38)
30mphshares his memories of playing pranks on policemen in the 1930s
26 June 2007

John Smith
(College Secretary and Clerk to the Governor 1979-89)Margaret Thatcher
shares his memories of preparing for a surprise visitor
15 June 2007
Carlos Moreno Serrano (Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2005-06)
carlos Moreno Serranodescribes his time at Imperial and finding love
13 June 2007

Professor Dot Griffiths
(1969- present)Joan Woodward
shares her memories of Professor Joan Woodward
7 June 2007
Cedric E Turner (Mechanical Engineering 1948 - present)
Big Benshares his impressions and recollections of the Mechanical Engineering Department since 1948
4 June 2007
Hannah Gay (Chemistry 1958 - 64)Ladies Toilets
shares her memories of being mistaken for a corpse
30 May 2007
Bubble Chamber Football
Keith Barnham and Gron Jones share their memories at setting up the Bubble Chamber Football Tournament in 1975
30 May 2007
Joe Soul (Electrical Engineering, 1948)
High Jumpshares his photographs and memories from his graduation year in 1948
22 May 2007

Peter Grootenhuis
(Mechanical Engineering, 1941-44, 1946-present)Soldier
shares his memories of dodging flying bombs during World War ll
17 May 2007
Doug Wilcox (Royal School of Science, 1965-68)
Racing Carshares his memories of falling in love with a 'demanding, wicked painted lady'
16 May 2007
Ashley Brown (Computing 2007) responds to Doug's memories
22 May 2007
Colleen Shilstone Richardson (Electrical Engineering, 1919-46)Colleen Shilstone Richardson
shares her memories of her family's connection with Imperial for almost a Centenary
11 May 2007
Giles Brereton (Mechanical Engineering, 1977-80)Giles Brereton
shares his story of being in the Imperial Football Club in the late 70's
7 May 2007

Tom Jenkins
shares the turnaround in events which leads him to study at Imperial
2 May 2007
Iris Pritchard-Davies (Administration, CGC, 1940's)Iris Pritchard-Davies
shares her tales of finding love at Imperial and working in London during the World War II
24 April 2007
Peter Clark (Metallurgy 1945)
School boysshares some of his student memories and photos from the 1940's
16 April 2007

Adrian "Jelly" Johnson
(Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1987)
shares his memories of Southside
11 April 2007
Keith Viewing (Applied Geochemistry Research Group 1960-1963)
remembers the achievements of the Applied Geochemistry Research Group
5 April 2007
Paul Bland (Mechanical Engineering 1992-2000)
shares his memories and pictures of the Imperial Hockey Club and how Imperial has set him up for his future life in the East.
4 April 2007
Jim Lovely (1979)
gives the story behind the old Beit photograph
2 April 2007
Ella Shum (Computing 1980)Ella Shum
and friends share photos and memories of some of the happiest times of their lives
29 March 2007
Wendy Collidge (Programme Manager)
Wendy Collidgerecollects team building at the College's mountain hut in Snowdonia
15 March 2007

João Cabral
(Present Warden of Garden and Weeks Halls)Weeks Hall
shares the history behind Garden and Weeks Halls
15 March 2007
Morphy Day
PolicemanBob Schroter recollects some student antics when he was Student President
28 January 2007

Tony Cowley
(Chemical Engineering 1945)Soldiers
shares his memories of his time at Imperial College during the War
24 April 2006
Theodora Cooper nee Bamber (Zoology 1949)
Theodora Coopershares her memories of her time at Imperial College just after WWII
24 April 2006

Sydney Garvey
(Aeronautics)Sydney Garvey
Sixty-four years after originally being awarded his first class honours degree in mathematics, Sydney finally returned to the College to receive his certificate on Commemoration Day
24 April 2006
Gwen Griffiths
Boat RaceImperial College alumnus shares her memories of the women's boating club during the late '70s and early '80s
8 April 2006
Dr Bernard Atkinson (Chemistry 1944, PhD 1951) Beit Quad
Dr Bernard Atkinson remembers Imperial College in the 1940s, including a student foot protest
1 March 2006
Pimlico Connection
Pimlico ConnectionSome alumni share their memories of being involved in the Pimlico Connection initiative during their time at Imperial College London
24 January 2006
Visit of King George VI in 1945
King George VISome alumni share their memories of the visit of the King and Queen in 1945
24 January 2006
Catherine Weatherall (Mechanical Engineering, 1973-76)
Car WheelCatherine Weatherall shares memories of her much missed Morris Traveller
22 September 2005

John G E Hone
(Physics 1950)Queens Tower
John Hone tells a tale of the magnificent Queen's Tower at Imperial College's South Kensington campus.
4 August 2005

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