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AB - Some Bacillus-infecting bacteriophages use a peptide-based communication system, termed arbitrium, to coordinate the lysis-lysogeny decision. In this system the phage produces AimP peptide during the lytic cycle. Once internalised by the host cell, AimP binds to the transcription factor AimR, reducing aimX expression and promoting lysogeny. Although these systems are present in a variety of mobile genetic elements, their role in the phage life cycle has only been characterised in phage phi3T during phage infection. Here, using the B. subtilis SPb prophage, we show that the arbitrium system is also required for normal prophage induction. Deletion of the aimP gene increased phage reproduction, while the aimR deletion significantly reduced the number of phage particles produced after prophage induction. Moreover, our results indicated that AimR is involved in a complex network of regulation and brought forward two new players in the SPb lysis-lysogeny decision system, YopN and the phage repressor YopR. Importantly, these proteins are encoded in an operon, the function of which is conserved across all SPb-like phages encoding the arbitrium system. Finally, we obtained mutant phages in the arbitrium system, which behaved almost identically to the wt phage, indicating that the arbitrium system is not essential in the laboratory but is likely beneficial for phage fitness in nature. In support of this, by possessing a functional arbitrium system the SPb phage can optimise production of infective particles whilst also preserving the number of cells that survive after prophage induction, a strategy that increases phage persistence in nature.
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