Dame Sally Davies giving a talk on stage at the WISH conference

Our Centre was established to promote evidence-based policy-making around the world. It’s our aim to help influence healthcare policy globally. Our partnerships – both local and international – ensure that our reach and impact go beyond borders, helping transform policy for the benefit of people and the systems that serve their health and wellbeing.

Our work

We’re dedicated to using evidence and education to change global health policy for the better. We do this by uniting world-leading experts and policy-makers to tackle real-world health problems; building international collaborations; promoting learning and support; and generating and spreading evidence-based knowledge on a range of important health issues.

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Our work


We’re a partner of the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), a global community that’s dedicated to capturing and disseminating the best evidence-based ideas and practices in global healthcare.

WISH has held four summits since its inception in 2013. These events unite thousands of global leaders, including more than 50 ministries of health and healthcare experts from over 100 countries, who together can share knowledge, evidence and practice that could transform healthcare and guide policy.

WISH focuses on some of the most pressing and serious global health challenges facing governments, health systems and populations alike. From mental health to dementia to artificial intelligence, we work together to rise to the evolving healthcare challenges of today, exposing challenges and proposing evidence-based solutions to solve them. To date WISH has published over 30 reports that set out key recommendations to make positive change in these areas of need.

Leading Health Systems Network

Our Leading Health Systems Network (LHSN) joins healthcare leaders and organisations who are dedicated to improving the delivery of healthcare by using resources in the most effective and efficient way. This expanding network has grown a global community of like-minded peers who share their ideas, practices and strategies to improve healthcare and overcome challenges in their field.

Alongside producing evidence-based reports on topics of interest with a view to influencing policy, the LHSN promotes learning and knowledge sharing through its webinar series. We also offer evidence-based tools to help make healthcare safer, like our hospital checklist for antimicrobial stewardship.

Universal Health Coverage

With healthcare defined as a basic human right, attaining universal health coverage has become a public health priority. We’re working to help achieve greater equity in healthcare by building the evidence to underpin policies that will bring us closer to a future of health for all.

In partnership with the World Innovation Summit for Health, we’ve produced a number of key reports that outline critical factors and strategies for broadening access to high-quality healthcare. This includes our Guide for Policymakers, led by Institute of Global Health Innovation Visiting Professor and former NHS England CEO Sir David Nicholson, who has been strategically advising and accelerating our work in this area.

We were also proud to host Professor Kalipso Chalkidou who directed our Global Health and Development Group, which partnered with governments in lower-income countries to help them achieve greater value for money in their healthcare investments.