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Global health and international research play an important role at Imperial College, and we wish to enhance its value for children by creating a hub for international Child Health.

The CICH seeks to facilitate the interactions of research groups, already active in international child health across-faculties.

 We will host multi-disciplinary global health research directed at the health and well-being of children worldwide, and we will provide a forum of resources and  connections for clinician-scientists and allied professionals under the umbrella of the wider global health activities at Imperial College.

Our immediate aims

  •  To join up existing international child health research activities within the College
  •  To maximise the visibility and impact of the excellent international child health work within Imperial College and beyond at national and international level
  •  To host and mentor paediatric research clinicians, paediatric academics and allied health professionals who are developing a career in international child health within Imperial and at partner organisations associated with the CICH

Future projects

  • To develop additional, excellent multi-disciplinary research in international child health at Imperial, which could include all aspects of discovery and delivery science applicable to global child health, including policy, impact and social sciences.
  • To develop educational resources and possibly courses in International Child Health

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