Dr Beate Kampmann on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis
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Professor Beate Kampmann

Beate Kampmann is Professor of Paediatric Infection, Immunity and International Child Health.

The aim of her work is to link scientific discoveries in the laboratory to the delivery of evidence-based care for children in the UK and Africa.

Her main areas of research are Paediatric Tuberculosis, including HIV-co-infection and Vaccinology. Her team also conducts laboratory and clinical studies to understand age-related immune responses to infection and vaccination and is developing novel strategies for prevention of infection in the newborn, such as maternal immunisation.

Since July 2010, she heads the Vaccinology theme at the MRC Unit - The Gambia, where she leads a team of over 80 scientists and support staff to conduct laboratory research and clinical trials in tuberculosis, infant immunology and molecular diagnostics aimed at improving global health with a particular emphasis on maternal and child health in West-Africa.

Between Imperial College and The Gambia, she has established an “Open lab” approach to facilitate the exchange of staff, PhD students and research ideas.

Professor Kampmann’s research has a clear translational focus, which is facilitated by her close involvement with the clinical services for children with infectious diseases at Imperial NHS Healthcare Trust. She remains an active member of the paediatric consultant team.