Exhibition atension at the CLCC gallery

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  • Atensión!
  • Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18:00
  • 24 February to 13 March 2020
  • CLCC Level 3 Sherfield Building, Imperial College South Kensington Campus
  • Free


The Art and Science of Saving Venice

A display of posters and photographs on the challenges faced by Venice, its environment and its people in the age of global warming

As part of the Humanities@70 programme of events celebrating 70 years of arts and humanities teaching at Imperial College London, the CLCC Foyer Gallery presents Atensión!

Atension! is a new installation by the Venice-based artists' collective Barena Bianca, produced with the support of the multi-disciplinary, non-profit organisation, We Are Here Venice.

The installation brings to light the fragile balance between natural and human environments and invites the public to pay attention (atension - in the Venetian dialect) to how local environmental challenges can globally resonate with the challenges brought by fast-paced climate change.

Atensión! is being staged in collaboration with the Evening Class programme at Imperial College London to coincide with the public lecture by Jane da Mosto, Imperial alumna and founder of We are Here Venice.

In the public lecture at Imperial College on 10 March 2020 The art and science of saving Venice’ Jane da Mosto, Imperial alumna and founder of We are Here Venice, will explore the relationship between Venice’s past and future and asking  “How much of our fascination with Venice derives from its unique beauty and peculiar features, or is it a microcosm of global challenges mirroring the world and carrying the fate of humanity?

This exhibition has been organised by the CLCC Evening Class programme, working with We Are Here Venice and the Barena Bianca art group.

Exhibition dates and times: Open until 13 March 2020, Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

You can download the Atension Exhibition Brochure‌ here.

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