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AB - Polypeptide aggregation into amyloid is linked with several debilitating human diseases.Despite the inherent risk of aggregation-induced cytotoxicity, bacteria control the export ofamyloid-prone subunits and assemble adhesive amyloid fibres during biofilm formation. AnEscherichia protein, CsgC potently inhibits amyloid formation of curli amyloid proteins.Here we unlock its mechanism of action, and show that CsgC strongly inhibits primarynucleation via electrostatically-guided molecular encounters, which expands theconformational distribution of disordered curli subunits. This delays the formation of higherorder intermediates and maintains amyloidogenic subunits in a secretion-competent form.New structural insight also reveal that CsgC is part of diverse family of bacterial amyloidinhibitors. Curli assembly is therefore not only arrested in the periplasm, but the preservationof conformational flexibility also enables efficient secretion to the cellsurface. Understanding how bacteria safely handle amyloidogenic polypeptides contributetowards efforts to control aggregation in disease-causing amyloids and amyloid-based biotechnological applications.
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