Full-time and part-time Chaplains

College Chaplain (Anglican)

Andrew Willson

andrew_willsonHi, I co-ordinate the team of chaplains and visiting faith advisors at Imperial’s Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre.

I am a Church of England priest. I was born in Warwickshire the centre of England. My roots are in the Midlands but I have greatly enjoyed living in London for the past 14 years.

I studied history in Oxford and theology in Nottingham, including an exchange to the Gregorian University in Rome. One of things I enjoy most about being a chaplain is hearing people’s stories about their studies, research or work. It is a great privilege to hear what matters most in a person’s life – usually relationships and work. 

One of the other things I value is being able to work closely with colleagues from other religious traditions. It is good to learn about another tradition but I also get to see my own faith in a new light.

As well as working in churches (Northampton and Coventry) I have been a part-time chaplain in a Further Education College and in a mental health hospital caring for the elderly. I was also a stay at home dad for a couple of years.

Tel: +44 (0)7813 660 036

Buddhist Chaplain

Karuna Priya

karuna_priyaI am a generic chaplain and Buddhist Faith-Advisor. Part of my job is to sit down with you, be non-judgmental and listen to you what you are actually saying, so that you can reflect on the questions yourselves. Since joining the centre, I devote my time listening to busy students and staffs relate to their studies and work in a more meaningful way.

I let people explore these questions through my regular Friday Buddhist meditation – open to all. I also run a 5-week Meditation course: "Four Foundations of Mindfulness in Buddhism" during term time only. Besides these, I can hold private and confidential conversations related to your research or personal life.

Before joining the centre, I spent over 15 years in the monasteries of Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (where I am originally from). I studied Sanskrit, Pali and Buddhist philosophy.

I have a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies from SOAS, University of London. After my degree, I obtained two years of training in Buddhist Chaplaincy with Kalyana Mitra Chaplaincy Training at The Buddhist Society in London.

I continue to update my skills as a chaplain and am an active member of a Buddhist organisation called ‘Byoma Kusuma, UK’.

I am not at all scary, even though I may sound religious (Buddhist). So please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any enquiries.


Mindfulness Teacher

Hogetsu Baerndal

I am a certified mindfulness and meditation , yoga teacher and Buddhist chaplain. Hogetsu Baerndal

I lead the secular mindfulness lunch meditations on Tuesdays. I also offer a 5-week course in ‘Mindfulness and meditation for health and wellbeing’ and 8 weeks course ‘mindfulness and meditation for insight - introduction in to Zen’.

I have a Diploma (MA) in design and visual art and has worked as artist and photographer for over 20 years abroad. Next to English I am also fluent in Swedish and German and you are welcomed to speak to me in those languages!


Associate Chaplains


Gavin Broder

gavin_broderRabbi Gavin Broder, a former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, has been the Jewish Chaplain to all the universities in London for the past fifteen years. Popularly known as Rav Gav, he represents Jewish causes within the university, supports the Jewish societies, offers personal consultations and facilitates weekly Friday night dinners in Central London. 


Roman Catholic

Fr Michael Holman SJ

Fr-Michael-HolmanFr Michael Holman SJ is the acting superior at London Jesuit Community. He offers personal consultations and facilitates weekly Wednesday lunchtime Catholic Mass (during term time at the Chaplaincy) co-hosted by Imperial College Catholic Society (CathSoc). 




Dr Sachi Patel

Dr Sachi Patel is a former monk having lived in monasteries in India as well as the UK. He has completed his PhD in Hinduism at the University of Oxford which involved exploring Indian history and Hindu religion in the early eighteenth century. He has operated as a mentor and teacher for Hindu students and communities for over 15 years. 



Javid Djalili

Javid DjaliliJavid Djalili is the Bahá'í Chaplain to Imperial. Please email to make an appointment.


Chaplaincy Volunteers

Mindfulness Teacher

Esther Anaya

Esther AnayaEsther Anaya is currently a PhD researcher at Imperial's Centre for Environmental Policy. She teaches mindfulness at the Chaplaincy.


Buddhist Meditation Teacher

Nitima Priya

Nitima PriyaNitima Priya teaches Buddhist Meditation at the chaplaincy.