Because religious identity relates to every aspect of life – meaning, ideas, emotions, the body, life as a person and within a series of groups, art, culture, food, ethics and values – chaplains are practised in conversations that range across as many of these areas as you find important. We are used to listening to the whole picture and what the particular meanings are for you.

We will help you pay attention to the things that are ‘on your mind and in your heart’ – and those do not need to be particularly religious issues or questions. Many people use the chaplaincy whose faith is implicit, uncertain or entirely secular.  We listen from the discipline of our  own spiritual/ religious/ faith practice – in order to help you pay attention to what matters to you.

If you want to see a chaplain please email to arrange a time to meet. We are based at the South Kensington campus (chaplaincy-map‌) and we will do our best to travel to you if you are located at a different campus. If you want to have a conversation within a particular tradition please email the particular chaplain directly.

We are used to people using us to find out what they want to talk about!

Some of the chaplains have training in coaching. This is a conversations where the coach will only ask process questions to help you explore a particular outcome.