Terms of reference

The Department has established an Awards Committee to ensure that all opportunities are taken up to recognise the excellence of staff and students and consolidate the process carried out in the past by other groups such as the Research Committee.  The Committee will need input from other groups via representatives on the Committee.   


  • Paul Luckham (Chair) 
  • Daryl Williams 
  • Cleo Kontoravdi (Director of Postgraduate Studies) 
  • Omar Matar 
  • Camille Petit (Director of Research) 
  • Anusha Sri-Pathmanathan (Head of Faculty Operations and Department Operations Manager) 
  • Sneha Saunders (Administration Manager and Staffing Coordinator) 
  • J Krishnan 
  • Jerry Heng (Director of Undergraduate Studies) 
  • Andreas Kogelbauer (Director of Course Operations) 
  • Sara West (Communications Manager) 
  • Tony Meredith  

The Secretary to the Committee will be responsible for both maintaining the Awards Pipeline Database, chasing up paperwork in time for nomination entries and then following up awards with publicity and exposure. 

The main responsibilities of the Committee are as follows: 

  1. Identification of awards and bursaries (undergraduate, teaching, research, admin and support) and deadlines 
  2. Maintenance of database/spreadsheet along with previously nominated candidates 
  3. Identification of suitable candidates (e.g. through personal tutor, line manager, supervisor) 
  4. Conducting an internal selection process when required 
  5. Co-ordination/optimisation of submissions (e.g. commenting on personal statements, getting an effective letter of support from an appropriate staff member) 
  6. Feedback to interested candidates who were not put forward that year 
  7. Identification of future candidates and development of personalised action plans 
  8. Keeping track of successes and ensuring they are communicated