Imperial is a  Disability Confident Leader - this means we are committed to recruiting and supporting disabled staff, and ensuring they can thrive. The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre supports and advises staff with disabilities and their managers, including on reasonable adjustments. It also organises Calibre, a talent development and leadership programme for staff who identify as neurodiverse or disabled, or who have a long term physical or mental health condition. 


Able is a staff network that provides a place for people with disabilities to get in contact and have dialogue in support of each other with networking, events and an informal morning coffee session each Friday, currently on Teams. 

They aim to help develop a positive culture and a spirit of openness, which enables disabled staff to contribute more effectively to the overall work of the College. 

They are committed to raising the profile of disability awareness that focuses on the person’s ability and on addressing and removing the barriers that are disabling them. 


Students in the Department of Chemical Engineering have a dedicated Departmental Disability Officer (Eghosa Atti) who can support with providing provisions for students with learning and/or physical disabilities. They will liaise with the College  Disability Advisory Service in advance of examinations to make sure that the most appropriate arrangements are in place. You should contact them to discuss your specific situation.  

The College Disability Advisory Service also provides confidential advice and support for all disabled students, and can assist students in the following ways: 

  • signposting additional support within the College 
  • accessing funding for disability-related support 
  • facilitating support to ensure that disabled students can access all aspects of their course 
  • providing advice, support and guidance for all disabled students within the College. 

Visit the Disability Advisory Service Appointments page for further information and details on how to make an appointment with a Disability Advisor. 


Neurodiversity covers a range of commonly co-occurring conditions related to processing or cognitive differences. Imperial has a range of resources for both neurodiverse individuals to help them access any support they may need and for managers of neurodivergent staff. 

In 2020, the Neurodiversity in Albertopolis network was launched headed by Professor Sara Rankin from Imperial. This network consists of neurodiverse staff and students from across institutions located around Exhibition Road. The network hold events for both neurodiverse individuals and their allies. 

Project: Vijesh Bhute, from the Department of Chemical Engineering, is currently undertaking a study entitled 'Neurodiversity from the lens of neurodiverse university students'. This is funded by the the Royal Society of Chemistry Inclusion and Diversity Fund. We are currently seeking students to participate. 
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