Application details for institutions

Summer School fees

2019 Tuition Fees - all payments to be made in £GBP*

Three-week course: Comprising one module of theory to ensure that all students are at the same learning stage, two modules of eight Pilot Plant sessions.

Fee: £2,000 (circa US$2,757/RMB17,744)**

Five-week course: Comprising two modules of eight Pilot Plant sessions and 16 undergraduate laboratories sessions.

Fee: £2,600 (circa US$3,584/RMB23,064)**

* Invoice to institution will be made out in £GBP.
** £GBP is fixed but US$/RMB is indicative only and may alter according to currency fluctuation.


Accommodation and meal plans are not included within the fees.

Institutions or individuals may choose to make their own arrangements or we can assist with this for you, but early bookings are advised which will also give best prices. Please note that as London is the capital of the UK it is a highly desirable location - summer accommodation is in high demand and should be booked quite early.

Imperial College offers the possibility of staying at Lee Abbey. This excellent hostel has undergone a complete refit and we are booking it again for our visiting students. The fees are estimated to be £GBP 260/week half board. There is a non-refundable deposit of two weeks' rent required for each student staying and to be paid no later than 15 March 2019.

Course Syllabus

We can offer a ready-made programme (please ask for details) or colleges and universities are welcome to discuss with us one specially constructed to meet their students' needs from our globally respected MEng experiments.

Institutions are encouraged to supply their own teaching staff to co-teach with our teaching team, as well as taking a lead role in course structure, content and student assessment, noting that we do not offer UK/international credits.


Please contact Clive Rodgers by email: who will be very pleased to discuss your particular requirements for your summer school with us here in London.

Please note that our Summer School programmes for 2019 are for block bookings by invited institutions only who have agreed to our contractual terms and conditions.

Regrettably we are unable to accept applications from individual students.

Getting to the UK and visa arrangements

We will be pleased to assist you with associated administrative issues but travel or visa arrangements are not included within our fees.

All information is correct at 1 April 2020, and to ensure that this is as up to date as possible for you, we reserve the right to amend this information from time to time – so please continue to monitor these pages. Thank you.