The Chemistry cleanroom, located at the Molecular Sciences Research Hub in White City, was opened in 2019 and is classed as ISO7 (less than ten thousand particles per cubic foot of air with particle size of 0.5μm  to 5μm); it was also recently awarded a bronze awards for the LEAF2020 programme for its sustainbility and energy efficient working policy. The 150 m2 facility contains three rooms: two for the fabrication and characterisation of devices including perovskite and organic solar cells and one dedicated to the fabrication of microfluidic devices for lab-on-a-chip and in vitro biological studies. 

Centre for Plastic Electronics MSRH  device fabrication and characterisation facility

The two rooms are predominantly used for organic electronic fabrication and characterisation are divided into a wet and dry lab. The facility also has a dedicated area and glovebox for work with perovskites which includes its own balance and spin coater.

Equipment within the lab

  • Chemical workstations (Class  ISO5) compatible with all types of wet chemistry
  • Programmable spin coaters located in both fumehoods and gloveboxes
  • Hotplates located in both fumehoods and gloveboxes
  • Diener Femto oxygen plasma chamber
  • Zentier and R-K Knife bar coaters
  • MBraun Evaporator – located in an MBraun Glovebox
  • Kurt J Lesker evaporator – located in an Mbraun Glovebox
  • PVE300 Bentham Photovoltaic EQE measurement system
  • Lot-Oriel Solar simulator
  • Alpha Step Tencor D500 Surface Profilometer
  • Probe station for transistor characterisation
  • Separate MBraun Glovebox complete with spincoater for Perovskite fabrication


Microfabrication lab

The Microfabrication lab is a dedicated area for rapid prototyping of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluidic devices by soft lithography, with lab-on-a-chip and organ-on-a-chip applications. Photolithographic patterning of silicon wafers is conducted in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom environment inside chemical workstations.

Equipment within the microfab lab

  • Chemical workstations (Class ISO5) compatible for wet chemistry required for the microchip fabrication
  • Laminar flow bench for dry substrate treatments
  • Optical lithography (Photolithography)
  • Programmable spin coater
  • Programmable hotplates
  • Rapid prototyping of PDMS microdevices
  • Collimated UV light source
  • Diener Zepto plasma system
  • Wet etching facilities
  • Optical microscope

Microfabrication lab

Registration and enquiries

These facilities are available to members of college, and we also encourage enquiries from outside the college, including academic, commercial and industrial users. To register as a Cleanroom user and for all other enquiries please contact:

Dr. Pabitra Shakya Tuladhar (Cleanroom Manager)
Tel: +44 (0) 207 594 5710