Why Chemistry?

Chemistry is connected to every aspect of life - from the medicines you take for a headache to the colour of the clothes you wear. Modern life would not be the same without chemists.

As a chemist, you will study the nature of atoms and molecules and the way they react together to produce useful products. You will also study both organic and inorganic materials, looking at their properties, synthesis, reactions, analysis and uses.

Why choose Chemistry at Imperial?

Chemistry at Imperial has always placed strong emphasis on practical education. Intensive laboratory experience not only teaches chemical techniques and scientific method, but also provides a framework for developing transferable skills.

Our graduates are highly valued by both chemical and non-chemical employers. We regularly host recruitment visits by UK, European and US companies, who include Imperial College in a small group of Chemistry Departments whose students they recruit.


What can I do with a Chemistry degree?

Chemists are recruited into practically every branch of industry. They have an especially important role in areas like pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, oil and chemicals, photographic materials, cosmetics, plastics, textiles, building materials, silicon chips - and a host more.

Overseas Students

Imperial College London is truly international university which benefits from academic staff and students drawn from around the world. Students from 110 countries are currently studying here so you are very likely to meet other students from your homeland. International students are particularly welcomed for the different perspectives and diversity they bring to teaching and learning at Imperial. There is an international students' Committee at the College, which has representatives from all parts of the College community, including students. We keep an eye on all matters affecting international students, particularly their well-being.

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