Undergraduate Admissions Talk for prospective Chemistry students - part of Imperial360 Live virtual open day resources

Undergraduate Admissions Talk 2020 (Imperial360)

Published 24 July 2020

Dr Simon Gerrard, UG Admissions Tutor provides an overview of the Department of Chemistry, undergraduate degree courses, study opportunities and the admissions process for prospective students as part of the Imperial360 Live (virtual open day) series.

For more information about Entry Requirements, please visit our Application and Entry Requirements page.

Courses offered

Degree programmes are either single Honours or joint Honours types. Single Honours programmes are either Master in Science (MSci), or Bachelor of Science (BSc). Joint Honours programmes are all BSc and are given in conjunction with the Business School.

Our individual degree programmes range in duration from 3 to 5 years.

View Imperial's online prospectus to find information on all courses offered at undergraduate level by the Department of Chemistry.

View programme specifications for our courses.

Further information

Language Options

  • Language for science courses supplement chemistry elements of the programme for students registered on a combined degree in Chemistry with a Language for Science (F1R1, F1R2, F1R4) 
  • Language classes in French, German, Spanish and Italian are available for students registered on a Year-Abroad or Research Abroad course (F101,F104)

These courses are offered by the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication.

Links with Overseas Partners

Our F104, F101, F1R1, F1R2 and F1R4 degree courses all entail ~8 months of study at an overseas partner University. For a list of our partner Universities, please follow this link: Erasmus & Related Partner Institutions.

Links with Industry and Employers

Imperial College works closely with employers and industry, including Industrial Advisory Panels, to design undergraduate courses which provide graduates with technical knowledge, expertise and transferable skills and to encourage students to take internships and placements.

The Scheme for Award of Honours

For our Scheme for Award of Honours please follow this link: Scheme for the Award of Honours 2021 - 2022

Competence standards

View our Competence Standards (PDF) for all BSc & MSci Chemistry Degree Programmes.


Timetables, the Scheme for the Award of Honours, tutorial groups and other course related documents can be accessed on the Blackboard Learn module called Chem Central.

Student Handbook

View the Chemistry Welcome Booklet 2020 (PDF)